Adorable four-year-old boy calls New Zealand police to invite them to play with his toys

Hear the adorable phone call a 4-year-old made to the police just before the police showed up at his door

  • Four-year-old boy called New Zealand police to invite officers to his home
  • During the heartwarming call, he told the dispatcher he had some toys to show
  • The boy’s father quickly realized what was going on and grabbed the phone
  • After the phone call, the young boy received a surprise visit from Constable Kurt

A toddler received a special visit from the police after he called 911 to invite them to his home to play with his toys.

New Zealand police shared audio of the heartwarming call to Facebook Friday afternoon after a four-year-old boy from the South Island wanted to show officers his prized possessions.

“While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share,” police wrote.

The call started with the child saying, “Police lady?… Can I tell you something?”

The police coordinator responded and told the child he could tell her something.

After a moment of hesitation, the child then says, “I have some toys for you… Come and see.”

“Do you have some toys for me?” the woman replied.

‘Yes. Come and see,’ the boy replied.

The police dispatcher asked where the boy was before the boy’s father noticed what was going on and quickly grabbed the phone.

“Hello, we got a 111 call. I guess it was a mistake, a kid making a mistake there?’ said the dispatcher.

The father soon realized it was a mistake and had helped the boy while his mother was ill.

“I focused on the other kid and he snuck off,” the father added.

But shortly after the call, the emergency center arranged a surprise visit to the boy’s household.

Constable Kurt visited the four-year-old boy from New Zealand’s South Island after calling the police and inviting them to play at his home

Constable Kurt responded to the dispatcher’s call and arrived at the child’s home, where he was shown “an array of toys.”

“He had some cool toys!” Constable Kurt noted.

The lucky boy was also shown the police patrol car and the vehicle’s flashing lights.

Police added that the officer had “a good educational talk with the child and his parents about using 111 for emergencies.”

Many commented on the heartbreaking moment and praised the police for visiting the boy.

One user wrote: ‘OMG I’m crying again (snif sniff), that’s so precious.’

‘I absolutely love it, so beautiful! So kind of the police to accede to his request!’ wrote another.

While a third said: ‘Great guys! You made the child’s day.’



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