AFL 2022: Mismatched junior Aussie Rules players in Darwin spark debate over footy age and weight

REVEALED: The real story behind the viral photo of two junior footy players of VERY different sizes facing each other in the epic David v Goliath battle

  • Image of the Aussie Rules under-14s match in Darwin on Sunday has gone viral
  • Dion Hunt-Bond can be seen alongside much bigger opponent Beau Joyce
  • Photo attracted more than 1,300 comments on Facebook and sparked discussion
  • Beau’s team Nightcliff Tigers defeated Dion’s Wanderers Eagles 20.13 (133) to 0.1 (1)

This could be the greatest David and Goliath battle ever played on a football field, but the ending was a little different.

And when in doubt, take a look at this photo – and the scoreboard.

The image of two junior Aussie Rules players facing each other in an Under 14s match was captured last Sunday at Tio Stadium in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

The young gunner Dion Hunt-Bond of the Wanderers Eagles Football Club was spotted taking on his much bigger opponent – the little giant Beau Joyce of the Nightcliff Tigers Football Club towering over him at the goal field.

What was said between the pair we’ll never know, but Dion’s edgy haircut suggests he didn’t back down.

Beau Joyce (pictured left) had a significant height advantage over his opponent Dion Hunt-Bond in an AFL Under-14 game in Darwin

Many felt for the baby Eagles forward, who plays an age group and “wish him well,” but his team was never in it.

Nightcliff defeated the Wanderers to win 20.13 (133) to 0.1 (1).

Some still couldn’t get past the mismatch with a Facebook post that drew more than 1,300 comments as it sparked one of the biggest debates in youth sports.

Admins of all codes have long debated whether leagues should be split on “age or weight limits.”

The photo was sent to roving AFL reporter Jackson Clark, who told Daily Mail Australia he couldn’t wait to upload it.

“It’s a crystal clear picture, I thought it might get a few people talking online,” he said.

“That’s what footy is all about for me, you never know what to expect from your opponent on the pitch.”

Nightcliff junior vice president Anthony Heinrich said Beau uses his height to his advantage when chasing a Sherrin.

“We play him as a defender and as you can imagine Beau is the tallest player on the pitch every week,” he said.

“He moved here from South Australia with his family, his older brother Isaac is also at the club under 16.”

Beau's Nightcliff Tigers Football Club won 20.13 (133) to 0.1 (1) against Dion's Wanderers Eagles Football Club

Beau’s Nightcliff Tigers Football Club won 20.13 (133) to 0.1 (1) against Dion’s Wanderers Eagles Football Club

Clark has over 37,000 followers on his NT Football with Jackson Clark Facebook page.

The 28-year-old, who was a talented footballer himself, lives and breathes the sport, often sharing local football news on his page.

The Top End plays footy every weekend from October through March, unlike other states in Australia.

A number of talented first-class and under-19 players from Victoria and South Australia call the Northern Territory home for six months, playing footy all year round.



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