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After being held captive in Ukraine, Russian soldiers say invasion was a ‘horrific mistake’

The cries of Russian soldiers, who say they have heard their air force bombing schools, hospitals and kindergartens after taking Ukraine prisoner, say the invasion was a ‘terrible mistake’

  • Captured Russian soldiers shared emotional statements in the press conference
  • One person told reporters Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was ‘a terrible mistake’
  • He claims that he was told that he was liberating the country from ‘fascism and tyranny’.

Captured Russian soldiers have described hearing their own Air Force bombing schools, hospitals and kindergartens in Ukraine as they admitted Vladimir Putin’s barbaric invasion was a ‘terrible mistake’.

One soldier, Sergei Galkin, was filmed crying as he apologized to Ukrainians for invading his country under Putin’s orders.

according to SundaySeven army reconnaissance officers were shot down from Ukrainian airspace last week.

He was later given a chance to talk to reporters at the Interfax Ukraine News Agency.

Galkin, a member of the Russian 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade, was among seven soldiers captured and hospitalized by the Ukrainian military.

Pictured: Russian soldiers pictured describe hearing their own Air Force bombing schools and hospitals in Ukraine as they admitted Putin’s barbaric invasion was a ‘terrible mistake’.

He described hearing of heavy artillery firing at Ukrainian targets by his Russian comrades, while viewing the invasion as a ‘disaster’.

In a translated speech, Galkin said he was told that Putin had ordered him to “invade Ukraine, seize the capital of Kyiv, protect the population from the fascism and tyranny that allegedly existed in Ukraine.” Huh’.

He said: ‘When we ended up in Ukraine, we realized that this is a real disaster, when many relatives and friends of Ukrainians live on the territory of the Russian Federation.

‘Here lives a peaceful kind nation. It is beyond words that people are kind and everyone communicates with each other. It was a condition of unknown origin.’

A soldier in a tearful statement begs Putin to stop sending Russian troops to Ukraine

A soldier in a tearful statement begs Putin to stop sending Russian troops to Ukraine

Describing it as a ‘treacherous invasion’, Galkin said: ‘I apologize to myself, every house, every street, every citizen of Ukraine, the elderly, women, children, for our invasion of these lands. ,

Putin, 34, begged to stop sending troops to Ukraine, saying: ‘One thing I would like to say to the generalships of our military units – that they have done a cowardly thing, that they have betrayed us.’

Maksim Chernik, a captured soldier of the Russian 16th Motorized Rifle Brigade, said: ‘It was terrifying to realize what a mistake we had made.

‘Just to understand that all this has to be fixed, the relationship has to be repaired somehow.

‘It will take more than a year. It will take decades, maybe centuries. After all that is happening here, I just don’t want to exist after all this.’

The video came just days after a Russian soldier captured by Ukraine claimed that Vladimir Putin has ‘death squads’ who kill deserters who refuse to participate in the brutal war.

The frightened 22-year-old said there is ‘actually’ a team that has been trained to take on any soldier fleeing the invasion for home – adding that it led to many surrendering.

He warned anyone thinking of leaving the army that they would not ‘make it’ as he exposed the latest tactics in the always ill-fated conflict.

The man, who has not been named, also said that Russian soldiers had his phone with him so that he could not watch international news coverage of the war.

His remarks came after a raft of other prisoners of war in Ukraine underscored the gruesome actions they were forced to endure during the fighting.

A claimed commander said he was asked to shoot civilians and was part of a unit sent to capture the city of Kharkiv in just three days.

Others said they were falsely told they were entering the neighboring country as “peacekeepers” to “liberate Ukraine from the Nazis”.


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