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Ask the expert: Ausy Waseem, Resort Manager at Siyam World in the Maldives, on submarines, super chefs – and snow-filled vacations…

How is Siyam World unique?

Ausy Waseem, Resort Manager at Siyam World in the Maldives

“We are the largest collection of Maldivian hotels owned and operated, and our five resorts are focused on creating remarkable memories for guests. We also want to create ‘firsts’ for the Maldives. That includes the largest floating water park in the Indian Ocean, the Siyam World Horse Ranch, a Seabreacher submarine, and also the first resort with over 200 water villas with a pool and slide! Siyam World is also home to The Beach House Collection, an exclusive enclave of homes from one to six bedrooms.”

Any other claims to fame?

‘We also have an international standard football pitch, three tennis courts with three different surfaces, and badminton and volleyball courts.’

What’s next for Siyam World?

“Next month we will be celebrating our first anniversary with a very special guest event program. If you haven’t booked sunshine before winter hits, we have exclusive offers on Top secret, but we will also have plenty of well-known artists. Michelin-starred British super chef Tom Brown also joins our Resident Chef series, so you’ll have a great meal with us!’

Grand Water Pavilion with Slide, Siyam World

Grand Water Pavilion with Slide, Siyam World

What are the top three destinations on your personal bucket list?

“It’s Naples, Santorini and Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Naples has inspired me since I was a kid, while Santorini has captured my heart because of the pictures I’ve seen on social media. Bora Bora is on my list because I want to see how different it is from my native Maldives.’

What do you never travel without?

‘My wife. She is my partner in everything I do. I’m not picky about what I pack, as long as she’s with me.’

Ausy trying out the water sports facilities

Ausy trying out the water sports facilities

Where was your favorite vacation?

“It was Canada. As a Maldivian I am used to warm weather and tropical beauty so I wanted to experience something different. On our way to New Brunswick in the winter of 2018 we got freezing temperatures and lots of snow. We stayed with my wife’s family and loved it.’


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