Biden’s debate is shaking up even the most loyal Democrats

“It certainly had its moments of shame,” Ms. Sadur said of the debate, as she prepared to campaign at a Pride fair and Fourth of July parade. Among committed Democrats in her corner of Wisconsin, she said, “I hear people saying maybe he hasn’t done the best of what we’ve seen him do in the past. I don’t hear anyone saying, ‘Replace Joe Biden.'”

Ted Moynihan, 39, an organic farmer from Pipersville, Pennsylvania, said he couldn’t even bring himself to watch the debate. He was not happy with Mr. Biden, he acknowledged, but said nothing he saw in the post-debate coverage would change his plan to vote for him.

“As much as I have problems with Biden, there is still no real choice on the issue,” he said. “It’s democracy or fascism, and I’m voting democracy this time.”

Reporting was contributed by Eric Adelson, Mike BakerValerie Boey Ramsey, Christian BooneOralandar Brand-Williams, Emily Cataneo, Bob Chiarito, Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, Lauryn Higgins, Shawn Hubler, Jon HurdleAnn Hinga Klein, Corina Knoll, Ernesto London, Clyde McGrady, Eduardo Medina, Campbell Robertson, Jenna Russel, Peder Schaefer, Jonathan Wolfe, Joel Wolfram And Kate Zernike.

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