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Big W Announces Date Of Famous Toy Mania June Sale As Parents Prepare For Christmas


Big W announces the date of its MASSIVE Toy Mania sale for 2022 – as smart moms prepare to buy big and get all their Christmas shopping done

  • Big W has revealed that the annual Toy Mania sale will be held online from June 14th
  • The retailer’s retail sale begins across Australia on Thursday, June 16
  • This year Toy Mania offers more than 1,300 toys with up to 50% off

BIG W has previewed Australia’s most anticipated toy sales of the year – and it’s getting bigger and better than ever before.

Toy Mania draws huge crowds every year, with thousands of shoppers getting up at the crack of dawn to grab the bargains, while parents load their shopping carts to get their kids’ Christmas presents six months early.

And this year will be no exception, as the retailer will launch online sales on Tuesday, June 14 from 7 a.m., followed by stores on Thursday, June 16.

This mom (pictured) revealed that she “studied the catalog” every year so she knew exactly what she was getting for her kids for Christmas and the best time to get to Big W.

Devoted parents have loaded their shopping carts with a mountain of toys worth thousands of dollars over the past few years at BIG W

Enthusiastic shoppers got up at the crack of dawn on Thursday to pick up some bargains

Devoted parents have loaded their shopping carts with a mountain of toys worth thousands of dollars over the past few years at BIG W

opinion poll

When do you start buying Christmas gifts for your kids?

  • Boxing Day! 0 votes
  • January-May 2 votes
  • In June, about the semi-annual sale 7 votes
  • July-October 8 votes
  • November 8 votes
  • A few weeks before Christmas 10 votes
  • A few days before Christmas 1 votes

Shoppers can expect huge savings on more than 1,300 toys, with prices slashed by up to 50 percent on some of the most popular toys on the market — including nostalgic Lego sets from ’90 years of play’ and Barbie’s jet plane.

To help families manage their Christmas budget, BIG W has payment solutions including Afterpay and Zip Pay, as well as the ability to earn Everyday Rewards points

The retailer expects the new Jurassic Park range to be very popular and has reduced the price of the ‘Extreme Damage T-Rex’ from $39 to just $16.

Sales have seen a huge flood of toys in recent years, with parents desperate to cut the cost of Christmas without having to give their kids fewer gifts.

Parents have previously been seen pushing overloaded carts down the aisles after loading up on the year’s hottest toys.

Now Big W also offers online ordering with delivery, contactless pick-up and direct-to-boat services.

Sneak peek of Toy Mania’s top offers

Jurassic World Extreme Damage T-Rex – $16, SAVE $23

Lightyear Buzz Feature Figurine – $26, SAVE $33

LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play – $63, SAVE $16

Barbie Jet Plane $64.50, SAVE $64.50

LEGO Minecraft The Training Ground – $63, SAVE $16

Magic Mixies Rainbow Colourway – $85, SAVE $44

Source: Big W

This classic '90 years of Lego' set is expected to become popular

This dinosaur is also expected to sell well - the retailer has lowered the price to $16

Lego sets and Jurassic Park toys are expected to gain popularity this year, retailer said

The average Australian parent spends $300 per child at Christmas, with teenagers having the most expensive gifts.

According to Canstar research, Victorian parents are the most generous when it comes to gift-giving, followed by moms and dads in NSW.

Big W will be sharing the full catalog on June 6 to give parents time for the iconic annual sale.

How much do Australians spend on their children at Christmas?

A nationwide survey of 2,000 consumers’ Christmas spending shows that people with children ages 13-18 spend an average of $336 on Christmas gifts per child. In comparison, parents with children under the age of five spend an average of $250 per child. Mothers and fathers with children between the ages of five and 12 pay an average of $277 per child at Christmas.

This means that an average Australian household with two children could spend as much as $672 on gifts at Christmas this year.

The study found that Victorians trip over their children the most at Christmas, compared to mothers and fathers in Queensland and New South Wales. Parents of teenage children (ages 13-18) in Victoria spend an average of as much as $399 per child during the crazy season. Those with elementary school age children (5-12) spend $310 per child.

Parents in NSW were the second largest spender with an average spend of $304 per teenage child and $297 average per child for children under the age of five. Those with children between the ages of five and 12 spend an average of $286 per child at Christmas.

Mothers and fathers in Queensland spend the least on average: $311 per child to teenagers, $230 per child to school-age children and $207 per child to children under five.



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