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Birmingham fans confused as Hannibal Mejbri’s Blues announcement with Silence of the Lamps mock-up

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‘Why is he in jail?’: Birmingham fans stunned by new borrower Hannibal Mejbri’s revelation for missing reference to ‘Silence of the Lambs’ after Manchester United star appears in jail cell

  • Some Birmingham fans are confused by the club’s Silence of the Lambs-inspired video
  • Video super-imposed new signing Hannibal Mejbri in scene from 1991 movie
  • Hannibal was hired from Manchester United at Championship Birmingham

Birmingham City’s video announcing that highly regarded Manchester United midfielder Hannibal Mejbri is on loan has left some fans confused.

The video on Twitter is inspired by a scene from the 1991 film ‘Silence of the Lambs’, in which fictional villain Hannibal Lecter helps FBI agent Clarice Starling catch a serial killer from a high-security prison.

But because the film is more than three decades old, many fans are not familiar with the reference the club tried to make by putting the midfielder above the villain.

Hannibal was superimposed in his announcement video in the movie Silence of the Lambs

Fans continued to wonder why the midfielder appeared to be a prison cell, with one Twitter user, @LaunchburyJake, saying: ‘Why is he in jail?’

Another, @__Sheyifunmi, said: ‘What kind of announcement is this? Has he been in prison before?’

Some football fans weren't thrilled with Hannibal's announcement video to Birmingham City

Some football fans weren’t thrilled with Hannibal’s announcement video to Birmingham City

While fans who understood the reference were happy to praise the club for the creative video.

Twitter user @Oliveresuana said, ‘@BCFC Whoever made this deserves a huge raise.’

Another fan joined in and posted a photo while waiting outside the prison cell for the player’s autograph.

And another compared it to similar videos from Burnley, @bcfcxkian said: ‘@BCFC We went all out for that and I’m all set.’

However, some fans spoke of how the move will play out for the Manchester United academy star, suggesting he is now ready to play in the Premier League, rather than the Championship.

Twitter account and Manchester United supporter, @readthesinze said: ‘Hannibal is good enough for the prem now. Just needs more games. I hate that we lend our top talent to championship teams. Different mentality there.’

Hannibal could play his first game for Birmingham City against Norwich City on Tuesday

Hannibal could play his first game for Birmingham City against Norwich City on Tuesday

Another Twitter user, @zdpj_, tweeted, “It’s criminal that he’s in the championship.”

While a Birmingham fan who holds the midfielder in high esteem already wants the club to keep him permanently.

@JamieSimne tweeted: ‘Keep him locked up. Don’t let him go.’


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