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By trying to destroy Trump, the Democrats may have created their own nightmare, writes David Marcus

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David Marcus is a columnist and author of Charade: The COVID Lies that Crushed a Nation.

To Donald Trump these days, it seems like his greatest enemies are the gift that keeps on giving.

As President Joe Biden’s Justice Department tries to explain exactly why it decided to raid the home of a past and possibly future president, Trump’s lead over the presumed primary challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is up a full 10. points.

It only took a week.

Donald Trump exits Trump Tower in New York City on Aug. 10, two days after the FBI raided his residence in Florida’s Mar-a-Lago

In that week, Trump’s worst enemies – the American liberal news media – went into panic again, fantasizing that the end is near, the walls are closing in. . . or something.

When the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence on Aug. 8, alleged nuclear secrets were found and passports were seized — about which Trump initially lied, until his critics later had to admit, “Oh yeah, maybe the FBI did confiscate a few passports.”

The whole chaotic show, as one nation rolled its eyes again, Trump couldn’t have been more politically helpful if he had written it himself.

The January 6 committee, which we were told would absolutely prove that the former president had committed serious and unforgivable crimes, not only failed to do so, it shifted public opinion one iota in their direction.

This despite all its slick TV production quality.

In fact, a new poll from Monmouth shows that 4 percent fewer Americans now believe Trump was directly responsible for the events.


Speaking of the commission for the Capital Riot, the archpolitical rival of the 45th president, the coveted Rep. Liz Cheney, appears to be going down in inglorious defeat, poised to lose her House seat to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman in Tuesday’s Wyoming primaries.

In a new poll by the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center, incumbent Cheney is nearly 30 points behind her opponent for the state’s only seat in the US House of Representatives.

Cheney and her adoring allies may think she’s the one in the white cowboy hat, but she doesn’t win the shooting in this western. It is Donald Trump riding into the sunset, his chances of a return to the White House firmly cashed in.

Police guard Trump's Florida home after FBI raid.  The whole chaotic show, as one nation rolled its eyes again, couldn't have helped Trump more politically had he written it himself, writes David Marcus

Police guard Trump’s Florida home after FBI raid. The whole chaotic show, as one nation rolled its eyes again, couldn’t have helped Trump more politically had he written it himself, writes David Marcus

Suddenly, Trump, whose star seemed to fade with DeSantis’ rise in the Sunshine State, is off the canvas and ready to pack punches.

No one should be shocked if a campaign announcement that seemed uncertain not so long ago now comes sooner rather than later.

To his enemies, Trump has always been like a Chinese finger trap. They pull and pull, harder and harder in vain, when they should just push gently. They could have chosen to ignore Trump in his post-presidency, to have him scream his theories about the 2020 election into a void of podcasts and Truth Social posts.

Instead, House Democrats and Liz Cheney decided to hold primetime hearings on it so that Trump remained firmly in the picture. And now, after this mind-boggling heist, he is the martyr of Mar-a-Lago.

What Democrats and the media and “principled conservatives” don’t understand, what they’ve never understood, is that his supporters view exaggerated attacks on Trump as exaggerated attacks on themselves.

They see this attack on Mar-a-Lago as politically driven and fear, with or without good reason, that their own politics could get them into hot water. Especially now that the Democrats invented 87,000 new IRS agents out of nowhere.

Pro-Trump supporters gather near the Trump National Golf Glub in Bedminster, New Jersey

Pro-Trump supporters gather near the Trump National Golf Glub in Bedminster, New Jersey

It could be made plausible that democrats play eight-dimensional chess here. That they want Trump to remain the central figure of the GOP because they think it hurts the party and gives bumbling Biden, or whoever the Democrats lead, the best chance of winning in 2024.

This was actually the playbook in 2016. But the Democrats need to remember that their Summer of Jubilation on drawing the easily defeated Trump as an adversary turned into a Fall of Epic Defeat, putting a memorable damper on Hillary Clinton’s Election Night celebration in 2016. Brooklyn.

With the midterms approaching, Democrats and even some Republicans had thought that a wave of mostly successful Trump-backed congressional candidates would badly divide the party.

It just didn’t happen.

In almost all those races, the state parties have rallied around the candidate. Even Trump and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who have had more beef than Arby’s, have shown signs of a truce.

Simply put, Trump is not the caustic and divisive force in the GOP that his enemies would like him to be.

The Democrats are playing with fire. Orange fire. They have even donated to ultra-MAGA pro-Trump candidates in Republican primaries. Some say they will steal elections and destroy democracy. It’s a dangerous gamble, especially for a party whose incumbent president is about as popular as Mosquitos right now.

But one thing is certain: the big winner in all this chaos is Donald Trump. He will never quietly enter that dark political night as long as he can rage against the enemies who constantly feed him.

As the former president teases another run, insiders of all stripes in Washington eventually have him banned. Outside the office, Trump makes a lot of money. And the Republican National Committee is taking up its legal bill — about $2 million so far. Financial support that stops when he announces his candidacy.

And Trump is enjoying contender status more than he ever would in a grueling new race and presidency.

The supreme irony is that Democrats, with their endless witch hunts, may have instantly created their own nightmare.

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