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Byron Bay snake attack: Python clings to boy’s leg at home and drags him into backyard pool

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Horrifying moment when mammoth python lunges at boy, 5, before clinging to his leg and dragging him into the family pool – before heroic grandpa wrestled the giant snake away

  • Ten-foot-long python attacks five-year-old boy in Byron Bay backyard
  • The snake grabbed onto the boy’s leg and dragged him into the pool
  • He was saved by his grandfather before his father pulled the snake off his leg

A young boy has had a terrifying encounter with a python in his family’s backyard after it struck ‘out of nowhere’ before clinging to his leg and dragging him into a pool.

Five-year-old Beau, from Byron Bay in northern NSW, was playing with his brother behind the family’s house when a ten-foot-long python lurking in the garden attacked, bit his ankle and sent him into the water. swimming pool hit.

Beau’s father, Ben Blake, told the Melbourne radio station 3AW he had to watch in horror as the snake struck.

“Beau was swimming with his brother yesterday and just out of the blue probably a ten foot long python decided to wrap his mouth around his Achilles tendon, his ankle,” said Mr Blake.

“They both rolled into the pool and the python wrapped itself around him.”

A five-year-old boy has had a terrifying encounter with a ten-foot-long python in his family’s backyard when it struck ‘out of nowhere’ and dragged the boy into a pool and underwater

Blake’s father said that the family home has a garden on the edge of the pool and that was where the snake hid.

The python used his bolt around Beau’s ankle and then wrapped his entire body around the boy’s leg, sending him plunging into the water.

‘It was instant. I saw a big black shadow come out of the bush and before they hit the bottom it was all wrapped around his leg,” he said.

Beau’s 76-year-old grandfather was the first to respond to the attack and jumped into the pool to save him.

Mr. Blake grabbed his son from his own father, with the python still clinging to Beau’s leg.

“He passed him to me and then I had to separate the two, free him from his legs,” he said.

‘It’s Australia, they’re over. But a big python lurking in the bushes right next to the pool, not so much.’

The snake hid in the yard next to the pool before it hit, while Beau's dad and grandpa rescued it

The snake hid in the yard next to the pool before it hit, while Beau’s dad and grandpa rescued it

Byron Bay’s father says his son is doing well despite the traumatic event.

Beau’s initial panic about dying was calmed when his father told him the snake was not venomous and therefore “wouldn’t die,” Mr Blake added.

As for the snake, Mr. Blake said he held it for about 10 minutes before releasing it – where it slid right back to the same spot.

“I released him and he went back to the scene of the crime, the naughty thing,” Mr Blake said.


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