Coronavirus: the importance of vitamin D in the prevention of COVID | The Times of India

“Our view is that if vitamin D does indeed reduce the severity of COVID-19 related to pneumonia/ARDS, inflammation, inflammatory cytokines and thrombosis, supplements would be a relatively easy option to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.” says a group of researchers from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA.

“Low vitamin D levels have been associated with an increase in inflammatory cytokines and a significantly increased risk of pneumonia and viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increase in thrombotic episodes, which are commonly seen in COVID -19.Vitamin D deficiency has been found to be more common in obese and diabetic patients, and these conditions are reported to carry higher mortality in COVID-19,” the researchers also say.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, in a 2009 study of the seasonal and pandemic flu caused by the H1N1 virus, vitamin D supplementation lowered the chance of developing acute respiratory infections by 12% to 75%. “The beneficial effect of supplementation was seen in patients of all ages and in individuals with pre-existing chronic diseases. Among those infected, flu symptoms were less and recovery was earlier if they had received doses of vitamin D greater than 1000 IU. The benefits were relatively greater in individuals with a vitamin D deficiency than in those who had adequate vitamin D,” says the Harvard article.

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