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DAN WOOTTON: We can now ignore David Beckham’s virtue signal after Qatar’s propaganda

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Try to imagine yourself in the brain of a pea of ​​David Beckham.

You are an iconic footballer with a joint family fortune of £380 million for whom all your extravagant desires in life are fulfilled.

There are free private jets paid for by big companies or charities when you need to travel for work.

A £73 million property portfolio, with luxury townhouses in London, the Cotswolds, Miami and Dubai.

One of your most recent purchases was a £5 million 93.5-foot yacht called Seven, which you regularly sail with your wife Victoria and children Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11, on long vacations. most of which we can only dream of.

Although you could never comfortably work again, international brands such as Pepsi, Samsung, H&M, Haig and Adidas still supply your coffers with millions more in commercial deals each year.

Despite this unimaginable wealth, you have portrayed yourself as a champion of minority groups and the underprivileged.

In social media posts you have proclaimed yourself a feminist, an advocate for gay rights and a humanitarian who cares about those who are mistreated in the developing world.

In such a scenario, imagine getting 10 million pounds to become the acceptable face of an Arab state where it is illegal to be gay.

The former captain of England is pictured on a boat against the backdrop of Doha, the capital of Qatar

A state where a female rape victim can face up to seven years in prison for sex outside of marriage and one where women need permission to get married, travel or even go to school through a male guardian.

And a state where thousands of young immigrants have worked to death to build a dazzling football stadium in the run-up to this year’s controversial World Cup.

You have been warned by Amnesty International that such a deal with Qatar would wreak havoc on the plight of those trying to draw the world’s attention to the appalling conditions in the totalitarian country.

You are also aware that your dastardly desire to gain a knighthood is sure to be crushed for good.

In fact, all the good work you claimed to have done to improve human rights and equality internationally will be wiped out.

Surely you feel like and realize that no amount of money is worth washing your reputation through the Persian Gulf?

Not if you’re Beckham, a man so selfish, so greedy and so hypocritical that he describes the country as “perfection” in a recently unveiled promotional film for Qatar.

Beckham even uses the big budget ad to get excited that he “can’t wait” to take his kids to the “incredible place.”

I wonder what attractions he will show them?

Beckham shakes hands with men dressed in traditional Arab clothes

Beckham shakes hands with men dressed in traditional Arab clothes

Presumably not the construction sites where more than 6,500 workers have died in appalling conditions since Qatar won the World Cup.

Maybe he can tell Romeo, who turns 20 tomorrow, the story of Ghal Singh Rai from Nepal who committed suicide at the age of 20 after working in inhumane conditions as a cleaner in a Qatari camp for the workers who built a World Cup stadium. .

Beckham adds in the promotional video about Qatar: ‘The modern and traditional combination to create something very special.’

Traditionally, I wonder if he’s referring to Sharia law that can put homosexuals to death. Or the more modern punishments such as flogging and life imprisonment.

Beckham’s deal is symptomatic of a morale crisis in football in the run-up to the World Cup, where Gareth Southgate’s England team still intend to get on their knees against racial discrimination, despite agreeing to play in Qatar. to play.

Beckham pictured in video promoting Qatar despite his human rights record

Beckham pictured in video promoting Qatar despite his human rights record

Well, what about the discrimination against women and gays, guys? Are you just going to ignore that during the tournament?

This excessive hypocrisy is why political gestures should be banned in sport; Southgate has been unwise to continue with the charade, knowing that the World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner.

Like the best celebrity hypocrites, Beckham still intends to signal and preach virtue, which is why he must be called now.

He remains a UNICEF ambassador, for God’s sake.

DAN WOOTTON: The only perfect thing about David Beckham's propaganda for the gay-hating and women-oppressive Arab state of Qatar is that we can now forever ignore his virtue signal ¿ Goldenballs will always put money before morals

DAN WOOTTON: The only perfect thing about David Beckham’s propaganda for the gay-hating and women-oppressive Arab state of Qatar is that we can now forever ignore his virtue signaling – Goldenballs will always put money before morals

And when Blackpool footballer Jake Daniels came out earlier this year, he said: ‘It’s a shame when someone comes out, it’s so strange. Eventually there will be a huge number of gays in the sport, and why should they be any different from others?’

Well, Mr. Beckham, that sounds completely hollow considering you are now a fully paid supporter of a state where I could be killed for my sexuality.

Have you expressed such an opinion to your friends who lead Qatar?

It’s time for the world to wake up to Beckham’s approach to charity, which is really about improving his own brand.

In Beckileaks’ emails — released by a whistleblower in 2017 — he suggested he expected UNICEF to drive up costs associated with his work because, in his words, “I don’t want to put my personal money into this case.” ‘.

In one email, he charmingly shouted, “If there was no fund, the money would be mine. This damn money is mine.’

Beckham made his choice and I accept that, but we can ignore his virtue signaling forever now, knowing that he is a man of no values ​​who will always put money above morality.

He doesn’t care about women’s rights.

He doesn’t care about equality for gays.

He doesn’t care about mistreated guest workers.

Hell, he doesn’t even care about securing his precious knighthood.

No, David Beckham only cares about one thing: the size of his bulging wallet.

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