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DOMINIC KING: Elliott and Carvalho set Liverpool on fire in Bournemouth 9-0 thrashing

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The post-match chatter had another familiar chorus. No Liverpool game nowadays takes place without a discussion of midfield, and that was evident after Bournemouth’s blitzing.

This time, however, there was a twist. Jürgen Klopp’s engine room was not looked at and criticized, but was about the fearlessness and enthusiasm that characterized the performance of two dashing tyros.

Harvey Elliott, with his corkscrew curls and sweet left foot, has long been at the forefront of Klopp’s mind.

Harvey Elliott impressed Jürgen Klopp’s midfield as Liverpool defeated Bournemouth 9-0

The two youngsters have been staged in recent weeks in the absence of star player Thiago

The two youngsters have been staged in recent weeks in the absence of star player Thiago

At the end of last season, the Liverpool manager chided himself, saying it was ‘a crime’ that he could not have given the 19-year-old more opportunities.

Opportunity has knocked this season and Elliott was in the right place to take advantage, striking impressively from the moment Klopp introduced him to Fulham from the bench on opening day.

He is inventive, determined and fearless, like all the best youngsters.

The 19-year-old playmaker scored his first Reds goal of the season in the sixth minute

Those words, however, fit equally well with Fabio Carvalho, who turns 20 on Monday and started the celebrations early by beating his first Liverpool goal – the eighth in a match that almost required an abacus – to maintain the excellent impression he has made since his departure has made Fulham for Anfield.

His joy in joining Elliott, who with a superbly sharp attack, took Liverpool’s second on the list of scorers after replacing him at halftime, was unlimited and excited their manager, as did the rejuvenated Roberto. Firmino and the electric Luis Diaz, both of which doubled.

Reports came from training of Elliott and Carvalho being good all summer and Virgil van Dijk, number five goalscorer on a day that passed remarkably without Mo Salah being in the game, was only too happy at the positive impression they made. had made to confirm.

“You need that maturity,” said Van Dijk, who gave the impression that he was stung by some of the criticism that came his way. “Certainly when things don’t go well, like the past two weeks, these guys have the right mentality that we need. They showed it here.

Fabio Carvalho also seized his chance after the injury of Liverpool star Thiago Alcantara

Fabio Carvalho also seized his chance after the injury of Liverpool star Thiago Alcantara

“Harvey was good against Manchester United, Fabio came into action and played very well. They will have moments, good moments, but they will have moments they need to learn from. That’s how football works. We’re not robots.’

There will be bumps in the road, of course, but Klopp is not the type to overlook at the first sign of discomfort, which is why the debate over whether he will sign another midfielder before Thursday’s deadline is so complex.

Klopp says he would love to get someone and if you look at his bench against Bournemouth you can see why – players like Bobby Clark, Stefan Bajcetic and Harvey Davies would normally only expect to play in Carabao Cup matches.

Clark, a 17-year-old from Epsom who replaced another goalscorer in Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Bajcetic, an 18-year-old from Spain, made their debut and were involved as Liverpool pursued what would have been a club and Premier League record-breaking tenth goal . Klopp could not have wished for better circumstances to introduce them.

The Reds youngster scored his first goal of the season since his summer transfer from Fulham

The Reds youngster scored his first goal of the season since his summer transfer from Fulham

But what would have happened if Liverpool had fallen behind? They were lucky that Bournemouth was so weak and abject, making manager Scott Parker look like he’d seen a ghost on what he called the worst day of his career.

Liverpool’s injury situation will not change too dramatically for Wednesday’s visit to Newcastle, so Klopp would be happy if he had another experienced option. But he’s not going to bring anyone in just to increase the numbers.

He’s not going to attract anyone who will stand in the way of Elliott – whose father, Scott, celebrated his goal by launching his white coat into the air in the main stands – or Carvalho for showing they are Liverpool’s future. What Parker would do to have such options.

Virgil van Dijk admitted he was 'very impressed' with both young Liverpool midfielders

Virgil van Dijk admitted he was ‘very impressed’ with both young Liverpool midfielders

“The number of games we play, we need a lot of midfielders,” said Van Dijk. ‘Midfielders are the engine of our team, they win so many balls for us. You see how many games we play, we play a lot in midfield, except for Fabinho. We need everyone.

‘I am very impressed with both. Harvey showed himself before his injury (last season) and now he shows the same as before. I am also impressed with Fabio. I didn’t know him before he came, but I think he can also be very good for us as a club.”

One aspect that was certainly ‘really good’ was the invigorating nature of the result, the most comprehensive of Anfield since beating Crystal Palace by the same score in September 1989.

Those looking for coincidences will see that Liverpool finished as champions that season.

Klopp, on the other hand, will look no further ahead than Newcastle. Besides, neither do the hungry Elliott and Carvalho.

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