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Father and daughter plucked from China river after attempting suicide

Father and daughter plucked from river by rescuers after he tried to commit suicide with her during family quarrel

  • The distraught father tried to drown his daughter in a river
  • The man waded into the river with his two daughters after a family quarrel
  • But rescuers got the couple to safety on a boat in China

This is when rescuers pull a man and his daughter onto a boat after the man attempted suicide and his daughter drowned in a river after a family quarrel.

The harrowing scene unfolded yesterday in Qingjiang Municipality of Yueqing Province, Zhejiang Province.

The man identified only as Mr. Wang began walking into a river with his daughter on Saturday to commit suicide after a family quarrel.

Rescue: Rescuers pull a man, fourth right, and a girl, center, onto a boat after the man tried to kill himself with his daughter

However, police and rescue workers managed to rescue them both and no one was injured in the incident, according to local media.

Two boats carrying four men can be seen surrounding the distraught father and his child as they grab him by the neck to pull him out of the river and into the boat.

But as the rescue progresses, Mr. Wang appears to fight back as the men try to pull him into the boat and he can be seen grimacing as the men struggle to lift his body weight.

As they stage their daring rescue, the boat begins to plunge into the water from the weight of Mr. Wang being pulled aboard.

One of the rescuers can be seen on the left in a long coat, holding an oar tight as he watches the rescue unfold from his wooden, green and red boat.

The little girl, whose name and age are unknown, is held tightly by a man in a purple coat as she is rescued from the river.

Her rescuer grabs an oar, perhaps to steady himself as he watches the little girl make sure everything is okay.

The men all appear to be wearing their everyday clothes, but two of the rescuers managed to don inflatable orange life jackets for the rescue.

A man looks as if his gray shirt is soaked with water as he helps with the rescue.

It is not known why Mr. Wang took such drastic measures to end his life together with his daughter – apart from reports of the family quarrel.

But according to local media, he and his daughter are safe.


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