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Father angry at Coles self-service checkout after demanding manned checkout from supermarkets


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Furious dad forced to juggle toddler at self-service checkout after staff refused to open manned checkout despite his massive $350 store

  • A dad has revealed how he was laughed at while using the self-service checkout
  • Dad said he was forced to use new conveyor belt cash registers
  • When he asked about a manned cash register, he was told there was none

A busy dad has slammed his local supermarket shut after staff decided to close their manned tills, forcing him to struggle through the cashier’s checkout every week while keeping an eye on his young son.

The father posted on Twitter about his “terrible” experience in a Perth Coles, noting that he was not impressed that he was “laughed at” by the staff who saw him struggle with the cash register conveyor belt.

The father then posted a photo of his receipt showing that he had bought $349.95 worth of groceries at the register.

A Coles customer said he was frustrated with the supermarket’s service during a recent store

‘No manned cash registers, asked why. Was told it was ‘not my idea’ and that I had to scan $350 to shop myself (with a kid) while being laughed at,” he said.

The store, Warwick Grove, recently had a new self-service cash register with conveyor belts.

But a Coles spokesperson insists the store also has regular self-service checkouts and manned lanes for customers.

“At Coles, we want every customer interaction with our team members to be safe, prompt and friendly,” the spokesperson said.

The man used one of the new cash registers with a conveyor belt

The man used one of the new cash registers with a conveyor belt

“With the self-service trolley checkout, customers can more easily scan their purchases if they have a trolley or a larger basket and pack their bags the way they want,” they said.

The company also admitted that it appeared that the staff had missed the point on this occasion.

“We could have worked harder to ensure the customer had a better shopping experience and we will take this opportunity to speak with the store team members to ensure they continue to support customers however they choose to shop,” said the spokesman.


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