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Father Ross Hunt criticizes teachers for criticizing lunchboxes and cruel double standards


A British father has been given thousands of virtual high-fives after revealing his ‘somewhat insignificant’ reaction to teachers who criticized his daughter’s lunch.

Ross Hunt was fed up with his daughter Isabelle coming home, upset by nagging lunch ladies telling her what to eat and what not to eat of the food that had been sent home.

The father of three promptly printed a label for the youngster’s lunchbox, which welcomes the “curious” teachers to look inside.

A dad has revealed his anger over lunch ladies at school – after they criticized his daughter about what she eats

“We are aware of the contents of this box and are happy that Isabella can eat whatever she wants,” the label read.

And Ross was happy to add background for his 66000 fans.

‘The kids at school cheated one of the diner ladies for eating unhealthy food.

‘Oh, don’t eat that. Eat your sandwich. Oh, you shouldn’t have that,’ he said.

Before explaining that he finds it very annoying and prevents his daughter from bringing her own lunch to school.

He explains that the lunch box rules seem hypocritical if children can buy pie at school but are harassed if they take it from home.

The label was the furious father’s second attempt, but his wife Rachel drew a line through the first.

Ross Hunt joked that the criticism led him to fill his daughter's lunchbox with sweet treats

Ross Hunt joked that the criticism led him to fill his daughter’s lunchbox with sweet treats

It read, “Step away from the lunchbox, you curious goddamn bandit.”

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“I think that would get us in trouble,” he admitted.

The father said he was tempted to load the lunchbox full of goodies, or fill it with colored sugar popcorn, but decided against it.

Send some fruit, chips and a chocolate instead.

Mr. Hunt wants the teachers to step back and let the parents decide what to feed their children.

And it turned out that many agreed with him.

“Give them a shot at the first label. If it doesn’t change… tag two,” one mother laughed.

‘I work at a school and often argue. I’d rather have a child eat and be full than a lot of ‘healthy’ food they don’t eat,” said one teacher.

He said his daughter should be allowed to eat her lunch in any order she likes

He said his daughter should be allowed to eat her lunch in any order she likes

Others point to their “double standards” problems.

“It’s a nightmare, they promote healthy eating, but my kid comes home and says they had pizza and chips and some cake so what portion of that is healthy,” one mother wrote.

“Worked at a school that served cake, but we had to confiscate a penguin bar from a kid’s lunch box because it’s not allowed, crazy,” said one teacher.

But some people were unimpressed and said the father should listen to the teacher’s advice and offer more of their own advice.

He said he also made the above label - but his wife thought it was too much

He said he also made the above label – but his wife thought it was too much

“Well, swearing is a bad example for your child, but she will decide in the future how she will talk to you and she will have health problems,” one woman wrote in the post.

Others agreed with the post, saying they “like” how small the label is.

“I can be very petty,” the father agreed.

Some parents complained that the “healthy eating” rules are causing their children to worry about eating junk food.

“The work I had to do to convince my daughter she could eat a KitKat with her lunch of salad and ham wrap, cucumber sticks and a satsuma was unreal,” said one mother.

Another said she fears her kids will become obsessed with the rule, to their own detriment.

The dad said the label didn’t seem to work, so they made an entire lunch box arguing on the outside.

She adds that she can eat the contents in any order she likes.

He explained that dinner is served at home in a divider plate – with a treat next to it and the kids are allowed to eat it in any order.

“It shows them that all is well in moderation,” he said.

“And if she only eats the goodies and nothing else, she’ll be hungry, so that’s up to her.

He cited the “little” tactics that emerged after numerous discussions with the school on the matter.

He then made a follow-up video explaining how to put treats in your kids’ lunchboxes.

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