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Female snooker star calls for ban on trans competitors from sport after Jamie Hunter win

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Now snooker comes into the picture: Female star demands trans competitors be banned after first transgender player wins women’s ranking tournament

  • Transgender snooker star Jamie Hunter, 25, won the women’s tournament in Seattle
  • Hunter, from Widnes, Cheshire, beat Rebecca Kenna 4-1 in circuit match
  • Former world No. 1 Maria Catalano has called for ban on trans competitors
  • Hunter pledged to continue, saying criticism was ‘discouraging and saddening’

A transgender snooker champion has become the last to be banned from her sport after a significant win.

Jamie Hunter, 25, of Widnes, Cheshire, is the first trans woman to win a ranking tournament in the women’s circuit with a 4-1 score against Rebecca Kenna in Seattle.

Now Hunter is subject to calls to be banned from her chosen sport.

Former world No. 1 Maria Catalano, nephew of reigning snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, insists Hunter’s involvement in women’s competitions is unfair. De Telegraaf reports.

Catalano said: “I would say 90 percent of the players on the women’s tour disagree.

“I don’t believe that women can compete on a level playing field against men in sport. We are wired differently, we think differently. And I do believe there is a 100 percent advantage even in post-transition snooker.

Transgender snooker player Jamie Hunter (pictured), 25, of Widnes, Cheshire, settles after her 4-1 win at the Seattle women’s circuit

Former World No. 1 Maria Catalano (pictured) insists Hunter's involvement in women's competitions is unfair

Former World No. 1 Maria Catalano (pictured) insists Hunter’s involvement in women’s competitions is unfair

“There’s a reason they started a women’s tour. Reanne Evans is the best female player I’ve ever seen and even she can’t compete with the guys.’

Catalano added that she may even be forced out of the competition herself.

She said, “It’s just not fair, biological women are turned off by being told it’s just hate. And it isn’t.’

In response, Hunter said it was “disheartening and upsetting” when Catalano was upset, but insisted she did her best to “grow the sport” and “not ruin it.”

Swearing not to be delayed from entering, Hunter added: “Now that I’ve won an event, a lot more people seem to have a problem.

“It didn’t bother them when I made up the numbers, but now I daresay it’s changed.”


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