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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin tests negative for drugs after giving urine sample after party video

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin tests NEGATIVE for drugs after giving urine sample to ‘clear suspicions’ after party video

  • Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, has tested negative on a drug test
  • It follows a leaked video showing the politician dancing on a night out
  • Marin denied using drugs after video caught someone using slang for cocaine
  • The prime minister previously defied her critics and defended her right to party

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has tested negative for a drug test she took to “assuage suspicions” after a leaked video showed her partying and dancing on a night out.

Finland’s prime minister, 36, took the drug test to prove her innocence after footage showed her dancing with friends in a house while someone shouted “meh gang” in the background.

“Flour” is Finnish slang often used to refer to cocaine. Ms Marin said she has never used drugs in her life and that she did not see anyone use them on the night out in question, which stretched from the evening of Saturday, August 6, until the early hours of Sunday, 7.

Last week she decided to take the drug test and stated she had “nothing to hide”.

Marin’s urine sample was tested for the presence of various drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis and opioids, Iida Vallin, a special adviser to the prime minister, told AFP.

An official statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said: “Drug test by Prime Minister Sanna Marin on August 19, 2022 did not reveal the presence of drugs.”

The statement added that the results were signed by a doctor.

The glamorous Finnish prime minister (pictured), 36, has denied taking drugs and said she has nothing to hide after a video surfaced of her partying wildly with famous friends

On Friday, she told reporters in her home, “To clear up any suspicions, I took a drug test today.”

Marin previously said she “spent an evening with friends” and that the videos were “recorded in a private room.”

She confessed to having consumed alcohol.

Aside from denying using drugs, she said she did not witness any drug use from any of those present.

Ms Marin defended her actions, saying she drank alcohol with friends but did not use drugs during the charges

Ms Marin defended her actions, saying she drank alcohol with friends but did not use drugs during the charges

She added: “Never in my life, not even in my youth, have I ever taken drugs.”

Last week, the prime minister defended her celebrations by insisting that “everyone needs a fun and relaxing night out” and that she should let her hair down after spending most of her time juggling the responsibilities of governing and being a mother.

One of the leaked videos showed the Finnish Prime Minister dancing hip-to-hip with male pop singer Olavi Uusivirta at 4:00 am at the Klubi nightclub in Helsinki, saying she only regretted that “private” videos had reached the public domain.

The night out has divided public opinion, with supporters of Ms Marin insisting she has a right to blow off steam after leading her country through the Covid pandemic and challenging Vladimir Putin to apply to join the NATO.

But critics have said the behavior of a world leader is inappropriate, while others pointed out that she was technically on duty for emergencies over the weekend in question and wondered if she would have been able to make decisions.

When those criticisms were presented to her on Friday, Ms Marin said her entire tenure has been spent in a “crisis” and that she has never been called to a meeting in the middle of a Saturday night.

Questioned specifically about an evolving military threat, she said Finnish security services would have noticed a troop build-up at the border in advance and informed her. She insisted that she would have left the nightclub and gone to her desk, if necessary.

Ms. Marin has made a virtue of her “normal person” image in the past and claims to have received supportive messages from the public since the videos of her night out have been leaked.

Marin – who was appointed in 2019 at the age of 34 – has previously been the target of criticism over partying at her official residence.

In December 2021, she faced continued criticism after it was revealed that she continued to dance until the early hours despite being exposed to Covid-19.

A poll commissioned by the Finnish TV channel MTV3 at the time showed that two-thirds of respondents thought her night out was a ‘serious mistake’.


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