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Former AFL players and pundits stunned by lack of penalty for Brisbane Lions star Dayne Zorko

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Former players and pundits are stunned as Dayne Zorko comes out of court after his disgraceful sledding against Harrison Petty’s family

  • The Brisbane Lions skipper sled Petty and brought him to tears on the pitch
  • He later apologized publicly for what was said and his actions on Friday night
  • Both Brisbane and Melbourne are happy to let the incident pass after that
  • However, AFL fans and pundits are shocked that Zorko was not punished

Fans and analysts have criticized the lack of action from the Brisbane Lions and AFL headquarters following Friday night’s Dayne Zorko sled incident.

The Lions skipper had words with Melbourne-based Harrison Petty that brought him to tears and later apologized.

But neither the club nor the AFL have disclosed any sanctions, penalties or fines to Zorko, which has angered many.

Zorko has been heavily criticized for his actions that led the Lions skipper to publicly apologize to Harrison Petty

Brisbane football boss Danny Daly said Zorko’s mental health is the biggest concern at the moment.

“The club discussed the issue with Melbourne right after the game on Friday night, the club made a statement on Saturday morning and that’s where it is,” Daly told SENQ Mornings.

“To be very honest from a club perspective, our goal now is to make sure Dayne is okay from a mental health perspective. He spent a weekend at home alone with his partner to deal with it but from a club perspective we put it to bed and Melbourne accepted our apology on Saturday and that’s where it lies.

“That’s all we’ve done, it hasn’t gotten any higher at this stage. Everyone had a weekend off, back to work today and see what today brings us.’

Petty was visibly upset on the pitch and needed comfort from his coach and teammates

Petty was visibly upset on the pitch and needed comfort from his coach and teammates

AFL 360 co-host Mark Robinson said response wasn’t enough.

“What has been said… to say that to another person on the football field, especially in any environment, is very strange,” he said.

“In order not to be punished by it, to give him a fine or to do anything, I find it really strange that there is no punishment, except the shame and embarrassment.”

“That might be enough punishment, I don’t know, but my God.”

Fans have also taken to social media to ask why Zorko was not punished for his actions.

“Can someone explain to me how Dayne Zorko suddenly became a victim of all this?” a fan tweeted.

“Think the Lions misread the room on the Dayne Zorko sled and the subsequent treatment. This is a low bar we set for mean sledding on the football pitch, and the fact that he’s a club captain just keeps the bar low. We need to do better,” said another.

Premiership-winning Hawthorn Hawk Xavier Ellis said the lack of action against Zorko was a bad look for the game in general.

“How the AFL got two clubs to shake hands over that incident is beyond me,” Ellis told The West Australian’s “Hard Ball Gets” podcast.

“When are we going to start agreeing that clubs will sort it out?”

But former Brisbane Lions skipper Jonathan Brown said Zorko’s apology was sufficient.

“I don’t think we should kill Dayne Zorko’s character,” Brown told Fox Footy’s On The Couch.

“I think we need to separate the captaincy conversation from other parts – whether that’s his age or part of his fuss during the match – but he’s been a great player for that football club, he’s a good guy, he has a high level of character. He just got carried away last night and sadly let himself down.”


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