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From Sydney to Newcastle in just 45 minutes? New plan for high-speed trains across New South Wales

From Sydney to Newcastle in just 45 minutes? New impetus was a huge high-speed rail network across NSW

Dedicated high-speed lines could link Sydney to Newcastle, Wollongong and the west of the state as part of a new long-term plan to boost public transport in New South Wales.

The high-speed train plan has been revealed in a confidential 320-page strategy by Transport for NSW.

Under the plan, the main interchanges connecting the high-speed trains to the rest of Sydney’s rail network will be at Parramatta, Epping and Campbelltown.

The design strategy says the hubs will help provide “easy access” to labor centers and health and education districts.

The transformation includes new dedicated high-speed rail lines to enable train speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour, as well as improvements to the existing network to increase speeds on those sections to a maximum of 160 kilometers per hour.

“It also includes new trains and new or upgraded stations that, coupled with radically faster journey times, will deliver a step change in customer experiences.”

The strategy paper estimates that express train trains will cut journey times between greater Parramatta and Newcastle from 2.5 hours to an hour.

Meanwhile, the journey from Parramatta to Gosford would take just 25 minutes, while a special high-speed rail line from Sydney to Canberra could cut the journey time in half to 90 minutes.

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