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Gary Player: LIV Golfers ‘Not Confident They Can Win’ & SLAMS Cam Smith For Leaving PGA Tour

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Golf legend Gary Player says LIV Golf Rebels are “not confident they can win,” as he asks them “how can you be a champion on a 54-hole, no-cut tour?”…and SLAMS Cam Smith before his departure PGA tour

  • 9-time major champion says Smith’s advisers gave him ‘wrong advice’
  • Player, who has 24 PGA Tour victories to his name, thinks that tour is still the best
  • Smith, who recently joined LIV, will play his first event outside of Boston this weekend

In what might be considered a bit of friendly fire, Gary Player – a Saudi golf ambassador – took aim at Australian golfer Cameron Smith, who recently joined the LIV tour.

Smith will tee off this weekend in his first event with the tour in a tournament outside of Boston.

Player, a nine-time major winner widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, spoke to the BBC in an interview criticizing the tour’s legitimacy and questioning Smith’s decision-making.

‘I wouldn’t take a billion dollars for my nine majors on both’ [the PGA and Senior] tours,” Player told the interviewer. “The only man to have won the Grand Slam on both tours. I’ve worked hard. I had desire. I traveled the world. It was an education, I met great people.

“How can you ever be a champion playing a 54-hole, no-cut tour? What kind of tour is that? 54 holes, no cut, a team event that no one understands.

Nine-time big winner Gary Player ripped the LIV Tour and stars like Cameron Smith joined it

“It’s a tour for people who don’t have faith in their future. They don’t have the confidence that they can be winners. It will never compare to the regular tour. No chance. They have declared war on the PGA Tour.”

Player then turned his attention to Smith, the no. 2 ranked player in the world who won the Open Championship this year.

“I was absolutely shocked when I heard (about) Cameron Smith. Here’s a young man who I really thought was going to be a superstar. What kind of future does he have now? Will he be allowed to play in Majors in the future? Will he be able to fulfill this big dream of becoming a champion? I don’t know.’

‘I don’t blame you’ [major winner Henrik] Stenson to go. He had no money, so he had to go. But this is a potential superstar. I think his advisers gave him the wrong advice.’

Open Championship winner Cam Smith will play in his first LIV Golf event this weekend

Open Championship winner Cam Smith will play in his first LIV Golf event this weekend

Player added that he doesn’t blame most players for going on tour.

“Most players can no longer win the regular tour. The PGA Tour will always be the big tour. However, what upsets me is that we fulfilled our dream on the regular tour.

‘If you’re going on the LIV Tour, don’t worry about it! Everyone makes such a fuss! Let them go! If they want to go, they go.

“But the PGA Tour is still the tour of the world. Here you can realize and fulfill your dreams, and become a champion. You’re not going to stop them from going, nor do you have to worry about them going.

“Because there are so many great young guys to (fill) the vacuum – you’ve still got Tiger Woods, you’ve got Rory McIlroy. You have Jon Rahm. You have dozens of great players on the regular tour. What is all the fuss about? Let them go.’

Player won three Masters, three British Opens, two PGA Championships and one US Open

Player won three Masters, three British Opens, two PGA Championships and one US Open


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