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NEW DELHI: Trade & Minister of Industry Piyush Goyal the industry on Wednesday called on the government to help decriminalize more laws and work with it to Electric vehiclesPromote R&D and innovation and contribute to nation building, including by purchasing goods made in India even if they are marginally expensive.
Speaking at a Ficci event, the minister also said that the initial signals from the Labour government in the UK were very encouraging for a free trade agreement and that the EFTA countries – Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – are optimistic about investing in India after recently signing a trade agreement with the country.
“For the first time in history, an FTA is focused on investment and jobs. India can withdraw concessions in the FTA if they (EFTA) do not meet their (investment) commitments. The excitement I see in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland makes me believe that we can actually exceed that commitment ($100 billion) if we are all a bit more open. They will look for Indian partners and investors,” the minister said ahead of his visit to Switzerland.
The minister also said that the government is pushing for quality standards and quality controls to make the Indian industry more competitive and prevent substandard products from entering the Indian market. The government also defended Indian spice producers, some of whom were facing regulatory challenges in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Indian exporters, he added, are conscious of quality standards and the problem with some spice consignments was “very” minor compared to the $56 billion worth of food and related products exports. That problem should not be exaggerated.
Goyal said the government, which is looking to bring a new bill to decriminalise several provisions in multiple laws, was not getting enough inputs and asked industry leaders to do the same.

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