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Hilarious moment when a fan watches AFL legend Billy Brownless go OUT as his Geelong Cats score a goal


Hilarious moment when a fan watches AFL legend Billy Brownless go OUT as his Geelong Cats score a goal in their thrilling win over the Bulldogs

  • Brownless wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his love for Geelong
  • He played 198 games for the club in the 80s and 90s and is their biggest fan
  • Brownless and his brother Blair regularly play in Geelong AFL matches
  • On Friday, they were filmed celebrating an important goal against the Bulldogs

Billy Brownless’s passion for his beloved Geelong Cats is beyond question.

And 7 News Perth reporter and producer Kate Massey captured that passion at the moment in the club’s tense AFL win over the Western Bulldogs on Friday night.

With the game on the line, the fan captured this fantastic vision of the ball sailing through the goals just before Brownless leaned out of his business suite to celebrate wildly.

The Cats legend was at the game with his brother Blair, a teacher and part-time sports commentator, who lives in Tasmania but regularly travels to Melbourne to watch football with his brother.

The siblings enjoyed the corporate hospitality and atmosphere of a good win together with another friend and Geelong supporter.

Billy Brownless (center), his brother (right) and an unidentified buddy celebrate a Geelong goal in their Round 12 AFL clash against the Western Bulldogs

It’s not the first time the Brownless brothers have been imprisoned and show their passion for Geelong.

Last season, they were spotted giving brutal barbs to Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett in the closing seconds of the Cats’ narrow win over the Hawks.

Blair helpfully raised his fingers to let Kennett know that there were only five seconds left in the game and that his side was trailing the scoreboard.

Billy found the whole situation hilarious and agreed with a few words of his own, while Kennett kept his cool as he turned away from the siblings.

It didn’t end there, Billy then took to Instagram to crack one more time at the Hawks boss.

“Jeffrey sucked in,” Brownless wrote.

‘Never doubt. We take the 4 points.’

Anthony William ‘Billy’ Brownless made 198 appearances for Geelong from 1988 to 1997, scoring the most goals for the club in 1991 and 1992.

He was named All-Australian in 1991 and played five representative games, three for New South Wales and one game for NSW/ACT and the Allies in 1995.


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