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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 6: 5 Things You May Have Missed, From Helaena’s Prophecy to Aegon Masturbates in Tommen’s Room


While we may not get to hear her damn name, we do meet Helaena Targaryen on last night’s episode. Sure, we saw her as a screaming baby in the last two episodes, but in just a few lines of dialogue, House of the Dragon probably told us more about the personality of the mysterious Targaryen princess than all of them Fire & Blood.

We first meet the tween as she plays with some sort of Westerosi centipede. Alicent lovingly endures her wayward daughter’s hyper-fixed interest in the insect, asking questions about the animal’s nature and Helaena’s theories about why she thinks the insect is blind.

The still, calm moment is interrupted when an upset Aemond (Leo Ashton) storms in to tell his mother how his big brother and dark-haired nephews have bullied him in the Dragon Pit. Alicent tries to comfort her son and tells him that one day he shall have a dragon. Helaena mutters softly, “He’ll have to turn a blind eye.”

Non book readers and spoiler phobes, you may want to move on to the next headline!!!

I am warning you!


Whether she is a dreamer like Daena Targaryen or has the green eyes of Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) or Jojen Reed (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) is not clear. However, what is clear is that this Targaryen princess has the gift of foresight. Aemond shall must “close” one eye to claim his dragon.

If Helaena has the gift of prophecy, it completely reformulates her story. How much will Helaena provide? And how does she deal with that dark knowledge?

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