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‘How I stay in shape while traveling’: SUSAN WARD DAVIES on healthy eating on holiday


‘How I Stay in Shape While Traveling the World’: Travel Editor SUSAN WARD DAVIES Reveals How to Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Food During the Holiday Season

  • Susan Ward Davies reveals tips on how to enjoy holiday treats without piling on the pounds
  • Seasoned travel editor advises to exercise and enjoy local delicacies too
  • She says morning swims, stair workouts and nice descents are the ‘most important’ tips

Veteran travel editor Susan Ward Davies learned how to eat healthy — but enjoyable — during the holidays.

For years, something kept me from going on a cruise: the fear of getting the inevitable cruise belly (too many all-you-can-eat meals). I’m currently on my very first, in Alaska, and I’m determined not to let this happen to me.

I’ve worked as a travel editor for 35 years, mostly at Elle magazine, and have explored over 90 countries, so I’ve learned a thing or two about not piling on pounds along the way.

Veteran travel editor Susan Ward Davies has learned to eat healthy – but enjoyable – on vacation

Susan says stair workouts can help prevent weight gain.  She says,

Susan says stair workouts can help prevent weight gain. She says, “On day one I was puffing, but on day five I’m practically sprinting up and down…”

Admittedly, the biggest barrier to overdoing the breakfast buffet is traveling with a fashion team.

I used to do a lot of shoots in all kinds of exotic locations, from Bali to Brazil. Being a round size 14, there’s nothing like sneaking up to the beach for an early morning dip and being joined by a few bean stick models to keep you swinging from the pastries for the rest of the journey.

Exercise — like those early swims — is key to staving off the holiday half-brick.

On my cruise, I banned elevators – and there are 12 decks, so that’s quite a stair workout. On day one I kept puffing, but on day five I was practically sprinting up and down.

The outdoor running track on Deck 10 is an unexpected bonus, and the views of snow-capped mountains and icy-blue glaciers will certainly detract from the number of laps to complete. Ship’s bathrooms don’t have scales (it wouldn’t be good to depress the guests), but I can still fit in my shorts, so I think my plan is working.

“Exercise — like those early swims — is key to staving off the holiday half-brick,” Susan had explained

But one of the greatest joys of travel is trying new foods: It would be pretty sad if body image kept us from enjoying the local burrata.

The secret to holiday food is to take the feast or famine approach. I’m certainly not going to forgo a treat like a hotel breakfast buffet, but I’ll ignore fancy croissants and fry-ups and eat healthy foods like fruit, yogurt, and eggs. After a hearty breakfast, I take a light lunch so that I can enjoy an extensive dinner.

If you’ll excuse me, the buffet has an Alaskan salmon sandwich with my name on it. That’s 50 steps up and down, so I may only have two.

Susan Ward Davies is the Travel & Lifestyle Editor of The Calendar Magazine.


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