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How to get the best groceries at Coles and Woolworths Australia


Shopper scores $60 worth of groceries and a FREE roast chook for just $5 – this is the exact time she visited the grocery store

  • An Australian shopper has shared how she scored $59.10 worth of groceries for just $4.81
  • Adelaide mom also grabbed a free roast chicken thanks to a Coles policy
  • Coles offers customers a voucher for a free chook when out of stock
  • She said she was going to get her chicken at 4:30 when she found the mark downs

One frugal mom has shared how she managed to score nearly $60 worth of groceries for under $5 — and how she landed a free Coles fried chicken.

The Adelaide shopper spent just $4.81 on discounted pasta sauce, chocolate milk, pastries, yogurt and a whole roast chicken that would otherwise have been $59.10 when she entered the store at 5:30 p.m.

She got a free chicken thanks to Coles’ policy of giving customers a voucher for a free chook to redeem at their next store if there’s none left.

A money-saving mother from Adelaide has shared how she scored $59.10 in groceries for just $4.81 and a free roast chicken from her local Coles

Post in the Facebook group, Simple saversthe bargain hunter went to the store to pick up her free chicken and found some “much bigger discounts” she’d seen at her local store before.

The woman found a range of items for 90 percent off, including four tubs of Latina Fresh pasta sauce for just 64 cents, two dough-covered cheese sausages for 48 cents each, a gallon of chocolate milk for 55 cents and yogurt for 70 cents.

She said the purchases are usually not items that fit into her grocery budget and she bought the ready-to-eat chicken with a voucher.

Some Coles stores offer shoppers a seven-day coupon for a free chicken if they are out of stock within specific hours determined by each store’s managers.

She caught a free chicken after receiving a voucher for a free chook at her last store when the store was out of stock

She caught a free chicken after receiving a voucher for a free chook at her last store when the store was out of stock

The money saver post received a lot of attention from fellow group members who were impressed by the budgetary food catch.

‘I get so jealous when I see people’s bargains! Is there a particular day or time people think is best for price cuts?’ a woman asked.

‘Normally I don’t shop at night. This was 5:30 pm. The offers change tomorrow. Maybe that’s why? These are the best for tomorrow, not today,” said the savvy shopper.

Others were grateful for the tip about the free chicken coupons to which she replied that she rarely buys them, but a store was lucky.

“The irony is that I might buy a boiled chicken once a year. I happened to be standing by the warmer when a lady took the last one and she caught my eye with a beautiful shirt,” the mother said.

“Then I saw the sign. So I asked. And got two vouchers by accident.’

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