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Hungry man demands neighbor pay him back $120 for stolen DoorDash meal


Furious man threatens to call police for neighbor in scathing letter after they secretly collected his $120 takeaway for himself

  • An irate man has written a note after his neighbor stole a DoorDash meal
  • The man was looking forward to his salt-and-pepper shrimp and Wagyu beef
  • But the $120 meal was stolen by his neighbor, so he was hungry?

An irate man has revealed that he was ‘starved’ while his neighbour feasted on Wagyu beef and salt and pepper shrimp after collecting his $120 DoorDash order.

He said the menu items were his favorites in an angry letter advising the thief to pay or confront the police for theft.

“If you’re the one who accidentally claimed my order as yours, as it cost me $120, I’d like you to contact me immediately and arrange the refund,” he wrote in the scathing letter.

An irate man has demanded that his neighbor pay him back for the stolen dinner in an irate note posted in the common area of ​​his building

He also revealed that he knows the identity of the thief and had seen him pick up the meal after going through the security footage of the building.

The note was hung in the building for all his neighbors to see, and the hungry letter writer explained that he would go to the police station and make a formal complaint if the matter was not resolved.

“If you don’t pay me back, I’ll have to do that time-consuming video/police report,” he said.

He went on to say he didn’t want to name them publicly, or even reveal their floor number, as it could lead to embarrassment.

Instead, he called them “someone” in the long-winded letter.

“If you (reimburse me), I assume it was an innocent/drunk/whatever wrong. If you don’t want to contact me directly, fine, just give (name thrown away) the money and he can pass it on to me.’

A third neighbor decided the note was the most “delicious” passive-aggressive thing he’d seen and posted it on Reddit.

And many people felt sorry for the angry, hungry letter writer who noted that they would be furious if their meal was stolen on delivery.

opinion poll

Who should pay for the meal?

  • The person who ate it! 306 votes
  • The delivery company, because they gave it to the wrong person. 49 votes
  • The letter writer! 7 votes

“If I stole $120 worth of food, I wouldn’t be hungry,” one woman wrote in support.

“I’d smash doors and wreck the place,” said another.

‘I can’t stand dirty neighbors. I have dealt with many, my neighbor had her bicycle stolen from the bicycle shed under the building. To gain access you need a keyfob for the gate. So you know it’s someone you share the elevator with. I hope the bastard who ate this man’s meal feels ashamed and pays.’

Others revealed that they have also been hungry after their deliveries failed to arrive.

“I once had a very long day, skipped lunch and was hungry. I ordered a salad and it took forever for them to come, when they delivered the food to our lobby someone else took it. I waited in case it was a mistake but they didn’t return it. I wanted to cry,” said one woman.

“A week after I arrived in Oz I was quarantined in Queensland and the food was terrible so I ordered delivery once a day. One day I had the same story as you except the driver ate my food. Finally I screamed and banged my head against the wall because I hadn’t eaten all day.’

A woman pointed to a flaw in the delivery system that could cause so much food to go to the wrong people.

“People are incredibly bad at checking a name. Unless they’re literally trained secret agents, I guarantee they’ll just say, “Hello, are you Bob?” and Terry the thief will say “yes.”

Some couldn’t believe the man’s reluctance, saying they would have delivered the note “by hand” to the thief’s door.


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