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Iran helps Russia evade sanctions by using ‘ghost armada’ to transport oil, researchers say


Iran is helping Russia evade sanctions by using its ‘ghost armada’ to transport Kremlin oil, researchers say

  • Researchers say Kremlin-affiliated companies carry oil on Iranian ships
  • Nonprofit United Against Nuclear Iran Urges West to Crackdown
  • It comes after it was revealed that Iran was using the fleet to evade sanctions against itself

Iran’s ‘ghost armada’ of sanction-lifting ships is accused of helping Russian oil companies evade sanctions.

According to researchers at United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), an international non-profit organization, Kremlin-affiliated companies are transporting oil in Tehran’s fleet of black-market vessels to circumvent US, UK and EU bans on Russian oil exports.

They are now urging Western allies to form a “ghostbusters” team to fight the ships allegedly helping Vladimir Putin fund his war machine.

The Mail on Sunday revealed last year how Iran used a fleet of up to 123 ships, using techniques such as ‘spoofing’ and ‘flag hopping’, to evade international trade sanctions against the Middle East.

A ship passes in front of the business tower Lakhta Center, the headquarters of the Russian energy company Gazprom in Saint Petersburg. There are concerns that a ‘ghost armada’ of Iranian ships will help Russia evade oil sanctions

The ships ‘fake’ their real location on GPS transponders, so that they appear anchored at sea when loading and unloading in ports.

They also use the flags of different countries to confuse authorities with false documentation.

UANI now claims to have identified at least five of Iran’s “ghost armadas” transporting oil from Russia to China and India.

Sir Ivor Roberts, a UANI adviser and former head of counter-terrorism at the State Department, said: “Putin’s Russia has pulled a leaf out of Iran’s playbook deploying the Ayatollah’s ‘ghost armada’ to spill oil around the world.” to transport.

This is increasingly a necessity for the Kremlin-backed oil companies, who have to get the money flowing to Russia.

“The anti-Russia alliance needs to get a grip on this trade if we want to get Putin to the negotiating table.”


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