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Kevin McCarthy undercuts Biden on campaign trail with GOP prebuttal for ‘Soul of the Nation’ speech

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Republicans Plan PREBUTTAL for Biden’s ‘Soul of the Nation’ Speech: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to Take Democrats’ Record on Crime and Inflation Before President’s Speech at Independence Hall

  • The minority group leader, Kevin McCarthy, is expected to make his remarks early in the evening in Scranton, Pennsylvania, ahead of President Biden’s speech.
  • Scranton is the birthplace and birthplace of the President
  • McCarthy also appears alongside GOP House candidate Jim Bognet
  • Republicans hope to overturn Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district with Bognet’s candidacy and defeat incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright
  • Biden and McCarthy lead their parties on the medium-term campaign path
  • The November midterm elections are just over two months away

Republicans are looking to undermine President Joe Biden’s primetime speech on Thursday night on the “Soul of the Nation” with a speech from their own Democrats on crime rates and inflation.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will speak in Scranton, Pennsylvania ahead of Biden’s speech outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia, according to a press release sent Wednesday.

Notably, Scranton is Biden’s hometown and birthplace.

In a jab at the president’s planned message to Americans, Republicans label their speech as a response to “Biden’s attack on America’s soul.”

McCarthy plans to talk about “what he has heard from the American people this summer about rising crime, record high inflation and other hardships caused by Democrats’ damaging policies,” the press release said.

“Rather than addressing these concerns, President Biden reportedly plans to continue to belittle hard-working Americans and not offer a plan to save our country from the disaster caused by the Democrats,” McCarthy’s campaign said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to speak outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, shortly before President Biden’s address. has reached out to the White House for comment on McCarthy’s planned speech.

Next to the California Republican appears Jim Bognet, the congressional candidate from GOP Pennsylvania.

Bognet runs for Democrat Rep. Matt Cartwright in the state’s 8th congressional district.

The area leans Republican by four points, according to the unbiased Cook Political Report.

Predictions of an almost certain “red tsunami” in Congress during the November midterm elections were met by the Supreme Court and a wave of red state legislatures that banned or banned abortion.

The GOP is still expected to secure a majority in the House of Representatives, although it could be by a narrow margin of a dozen or fewer seats.

Biden has made a fiery return to the campaign trail in recent days, with stops in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Biden has made a fiery return to the campaign trail in recent days, with stops in Maryland and Pennsylvania

While McCarthy is leading the charge on the Republican side, Biden is also making a fiery return to the campaign trail that began last week with a Democratic National Committee event in Bethesda, Maryland.

That speech brought Biden into hot water with Republicans when he compared pro-Trump MAGA beliefs to “semi-fascism” in private comments with donors before the public speech.

His and McCarthy’s speeches in Pennsylvania on Thursday come just over two months before voters head to the polls to decide which party will control Congress for the second half of Biden’s term.

The president will discuss how the country’s status in the world and its democracy are at stake.

“He will talk about the progress we have made as a nation to protect our democracy, but how our rights and freedoms continue to be attacked,” the White House said.

“And he will make clear who is fighting for those rights, for those freedoms and for our democracy.”

It is uncertain whether he will name his predecessor in the Oval Office: former President Donald Trump.


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