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Leigh Sales 7:30: Anthony Albanese’s dig at Scott Morrison over text messages leaked in France


Anthony Albanese digs into Scott Morrison over his leaked texting scandal with French president – as he is grieved over wage growth, Australia’s energy crisis and relations with China

  • Anthony Albanese first appeared on ABC’s 7.30 report as PM
  • The Prime Minister was questioned on whether wage growth will fuel inflation?
  • Leigh Sales also put him on edge about energy prices and relations with China and France
  • When asked how he will make amends with France, the Prime Minister took a dig at Scott Morrison
  • He said he will not ‘leak texts to a newspaper for opportunistic headlines’

Anthony Albanese has berated Scott Morrison for his leaked texting scandal with French President Emmanuel Macron and for fueling tensions with France.

The prime minister appeared on Thursday night for the first time since he took over the office in the 7:30 AM ABC report.

While Mr Albanian has worked in recent weeks to deliver on Labour’s election promises, veteran journalist Leigh Sales was eager to ask the country’s leader how his government plans to tackle the country’s most pressing problems. to grab.

During the interview, the prime minister was questioned about whether his increase in the minimum wage will fuel inflation, Australia’s energy crisis and the country’s frosty relations with China.

But the prime minister saw one question — how he plans to mend the country’s damaged relationship with France when he visits next week — as an opportunity to dig out his predecessor.

Anthony Albanese (pictured) sat down with Leigh Sales on ABC’s 7.30 Report Thursday night

The once strong bond between the two nations was severed when Scott Morrison tore up a $90 billion submarine contract with France to forge the AUKUS nuclear sub-alliance with Britain and the US.

Macron said he was not made aware of Australia’s plans, which Mr Morrison denied, before texts were leaked to News Corp. intended to show the French leader was aware of the deal between the three countries.

“What we can offer is a relationship between our respective leaders that will not be leaked to make an opportunistic headline in the paper,” Mr Albanese told the programme.

‘One of respect and honesty in the way we treat each other. And also the way we deal with climate change, such as, of course, resetting our relationship with all our international partners.’

Mr Morrison’s office was believed to be responsible for the dissemination of the texts and a Senate estimation committee learned in February that no government department had launched an investigation into the leaks.

Mr Albanian said he will not leak any

Mr Albanian said he will not leak any “texts” from Emmanuel Macron as he plans to improve relations with France. Scott Morrison was accused of leaking private messages from the French president to newspapers

A secret leaked text message (pictured) appears to show Emmanuel Macron was warned that Australia would torpedo its $90 billion submarine deal with France

A secret leaked text message (pictured) appears to show Emmanuel Macron was warned that Australia would torpedo its $90 billion submarine deal with France

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