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Lisa Wilkinson’s daughter Billi Fitzimmons’ website mistakes Aboriginal flag on The Daily Aus


A howl of a Photoshop error has capped a big week for Lisa Wilkinson’s family after her daughter’s news platform mixed up the German and Aboriginal flags.

Billi FitzSimons, the daughter of Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons, has been editor of the ‘social media first’ outlet The Daily Aus since March.

And the 24-year-old faced her first major hurdle in the top lane this week when the website mounted the German flag on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, instead of the Aboriginal flag.

Meanwhile – in what could only be termed suspicious timing – Ms. FitzSimons posted a job posting a day later looking for a fact-checker with “scrupulous attention to detail.”

The editor of Daily Aus has Photoshopped the German flag on the iconic bridge for a story about the Aboriginal flag becoming a permanent addition to the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Lisa Wilkinson (left) and daughter Billi FitzSimons (right)

Lisa Wilkinson (left) and daughter Billi FitzSimons (right)

The post covered the government’s decision to release $25 million to install the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney monument.

In a statement, co-founder Sam Koslowski told Daily Mail Australia: “It was a simple mistake.

‘One of our web designers was spotting some new designs and accidentally put a mock design live.

“This was a design testing error and had nothing to do with our editorial team. It was intended for internal design review only and was published in error.

“We’ve revised our internal design and testing processes so it doesn’t happen again.”

In the wake of the mistake, Ms. FitzSimons took to Twitter and LinkedIn on Thursday to post the job posting.

It was looking for a detail-oriented person who could ‘critically examine sources’.

The Daily Aus describes itself as a site ‘providing young Australians with a palatable and engaging way to access the news’.

“Our goal is to provide context to a news story that’s doing the rounds,” the site explains.

FitzSimons took to Twitter to find a fact-checker with 'scrupulous attention to detail'

FitzSimons took to Twitter to find a fact-checker with ‘scrupulous attention to detail’

A gaffe by Ms. FitzSimon’s mother Lisa was at the center of national debate this week after the project’s host Logies-winning speech led to the postponement of the trial of the accused rapist of Brittany Higgins. Mr Lehrmann has denied all charges and pleaded not guilty.

There were calls for Wilkinson to be charged with contempt of court after she named the alleged rape victim Higgins in her speech for winning the Outstanding News Coverage Logie award for her one-on-one interview with the former ministerial staff in 2021.

The trial of the accused, Bruce Lehrmann, was postponed to October after ACT chief judge Lucy McCallum expressed concerns about Wilkinson’s comments that could harm jurors.

The trial concerns an alleged rape that Ms Higgins says took place in the parliament building in 2019, which Lehrmann denies.

Justice McCallum decided to postpone the trial “unfortunately and in a grinding manner” because “somewhere in this debate the distinction between an untested charge and the fact of guilt has been lost.”

She noted that public interest in the case had to wane before Lehrmann would have access to a fair jury.

It's been a rough week for The Project star's family after Lisa ran into legal trouble following her Logies acceptance speech

It’s been a rough week for The Project star’s family after Lisa ran into legal trouble following her Logies acceptance speech

Network 10 announced it had hired high-profile attorney Matthew Collins on behalf of the Network and Wilkinson just hours after Dr. Collins had criticized Wilkinson’s speech on rival Chanel Seven’s Sunrise morning show.

“It is certainly possible that the authorities will look at the speech she gave to the Lodge and judge (whether) that speech violated the standard applicable in this branch of the law,” said Dr. collins.

“That norm is, did she do anything that tended to interfere with the justice system?”

Network Ten said it “fully supports Lisa Wilkinson” and confirmed that Dr. Collins was hired to represent it and Wilkinson.

“Both Network 10 and Lisa Wilkinson take their legal obligations very seriously, including in the preparation and delivery of her speech at the Logies event.”

“In light of the ongoing proceedings, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Tien also fired a warning shot at news channels reporting on the legal drama. “This coverage is now causing significant harm and we are asking these organizations to end this harassment to give Lisa the best opportunity to give her testimony in court and to ensure a fair and timely trial,” a spokesperson said. of the network. said.

“We are closely monitoring all coverage of this matter and Lisa and Network 10 reserve their rights with respect to future defamation claims.”

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ms FitzSimons for comment.

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