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Liz Cheney publishes first campaign ad saying she ‘stands up to bullies’ – but no mention of Trump


Voters in Wyoming praise Rep. Liz Cheney as “bourgeois and serious” and say she “can stand bullies” in the Republican’s first TV commercial of her heated primary, aired Thursday.

Cheney’s ad comes after a recent poll showed she slipped behind her Donald Trump-backed challenger, attorney Harriet Hageman, with just months left until the August 16 primary.

The ex-president recruited Hageman to challenge Cheney after lawmakers angered him by voting for his impeachment after the Jan. 6 attack.

Notably, Trump’s name was not heard in the ad for about a minute — likely an attempt not to alienate himself from GOP voters in the scarlet state.

It focuses on “everyday Wyomingites praising Liz Cheney’s leadership, highlighting the work she’s done on behalf of the state, and explaining why they’re voting for her,” her campaign said.

The conservative legislator, hailed by two parties for standing up to Trump, is now fighting to retain her seat as the sole representative of the Wyoming House.

However, she is not very prominent in her TV ad, where residents of her state talk about why Cheney appeals to them.

“As a mother, I want a statesman, not a politician. I want someone who is polite and serious and someone my kids can look up to,” said one person identified as Laura from Cheyenne.

Ronna van Casper said, “There are so many people today who claim to be constitutionally conservative. Liz really is one.’

Another voter said Cheney “has always fought hard for veterans,” while another praised her for fighting for “recreational access to our public lands in Wyoming.”

The about-minute ad featured Wyoming residents praising Cheney for championing veterans and the state’s energy industry

In a nod to the state’s status as the nation’s second-largest net energy supplier, a Wyomingite named Shane said, “We are very fortunate to have Liz as a strong advocate for the oil and gas industry and for the state of Wyoming. †

And in an indirect swipe at the steady stream of attacks from Trump and his allies, one voter said Cheney has “the courage to do the right thing to stand up to bullies.”

It also appears to be a nod to her work on the Democrat-led House selection committee investigating the Capitol riots, which has brought her backlash and censorship from Republicans at the state and national levels.

The efforts, along with her criticism of Trump, cost her the No. 3 role in the House GOP as Republican conference chair, who went on to move to former presidential ally Rep. Elise Stefanik from New York went.

Now it looks like Hageman’s once safe seat may be taken, after another anti-Cheney poll Club for growth showed her trailing Hageman by 30 points.

If the primary were held now, 56 percent of Wyoming Republicans polled said they would support Hageman, while only 26 percent supported Cheney, according to the survey.

Another 12 percent said they would vote for Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard, another Trump supporter, and six percent were undecided.

Trump hosted a Save America rally for Hageman over Memorial Day weekend. His confidence in the attorney’s candidacy was reflected by the litany of high-profile GOP guests the former president had invited to speak for him.

Trump recruited attorney Harriet Hageman to challenge Cheney after lawmaker angered him with her impeachment vote

Trump recruited attorney Harriet Hageman to challenge Cheney after lawmaker angered him with her impeachment vote

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy delivered recorded comments — though he was booed — as did Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

There was also a video message from Stefanik, praising her leadership victory over incumbent Wyoming: “I know firsthand what it takes to beat Liz Cheney, and I’m telling you, Harriet has what it takes.”

Representatives Lauren Boebert and Andy Biggs spoke in person at the indoor venue, the Ford Wyoming Center.

Trump taunted Cheney as “a lap dog for Pelosi and a human soundbite machine” during his own speech.

“Liz Cheney hates Republican Party voters and she has for longer than you know,” the ex-president said.

“Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your values, not one who spends all her time taking down and chasing you as president in the most brutal way.”

Cheney has labeled herself an authentic constitutional conservative and has not hesitated to speak out against the pro-Trump faction that now dominates her party.

But her race is part of a wider battle for control of the GOP’s future between the establishment and the bombastic “Make America Great Again” Republicans.

Cheney officially filed for re-election late last month. Her critics’ latest argument is to portray the legislature as part of the Washington, DC, and Virginian swamp rather than an actual Wyoming resident.

She defended herself against those attacks in a video released last week to mark her 2022 campaign. Cheney praised her deep roots in Wyoming, followed by another swipe at the fellow Republicans who tried to oust her.

“If I know something’s wrong, I’ll tell you. I won’t hesitate, I won’t back down, I won’t give in to pressure or intimidation,” Cheney said in the video.

“I know where to draw the line and I know that some things can’t be bought.”

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