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Liz Cheney says Biden called her after election loss to Trump-backed GOP rival, ‘very good talk’

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Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney said on Sunday that President Joe Biden called her after she lost her seat in a heated primaries against a GOP challenger backed by Donald Trump.

Cheney told ABC News this week that she had a “very good conversation” with the Democrats’ commander in chief, confirming previous reports the two spoke after her impeachment from the United States House of Representatives.

The three-year lawmaker revealed she had also heard from “some” of her future Congressional colleagues, the vast majority of whom publicly shunned Cheney for her criticism of Trump and served on the Jan. 6 Democrat-led committee.

When printed, however, Cheney declined to name who they were — though she did praise the nine other House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump during last year’s Capitol uprising.

Last Tuesday, Trump-backed attorney Harriet Hageman defeated Cheney in the Republican primary for Wyoming’s major congressional district.

Cheney lost all but two counties in the scarlet state.

Her final year in the House, however, was marked by two-pronged praise for her continued criticism of Trump despite the impact on her political career, as well as her leadership as vice chairman on the panel investigating his ties to the Capitol insurgency.

That admiration apparently extends all the way to the Democrat in the White House.

“I’ve heard of President Biden. We had a really good conversation, a conversation about the importance of putting the country ahead of partisanship,” Cheney said.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney spoke to ABC News’ This Week to reflect on her primary election loss to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman

She also confirmed reports that she and Biden had a

She also confirmed reports that she and Biden had a “good conversation” about partisanship and allegiance to the constitution after the loss has contacted the White House for comment, but has not received any immediate response.

Aside from Biden, however, Cheney admitted that she had “heard from a number of other people over the past few days, as you can imagine.”

Host Jon Karl asked, “What about some of your Republican colleagues here in Congress?”

“Some, yes,” Cheney replied.

Karl insisted again, “Some who don’t want to be named, perhaps?”

“Some,” she repeated.

Cheney paused to chuckle and continued, “No, I mean, look, I think some of my colleagues did the right thing. I would certainly put those of us who voted for impeachment in that category.”

“A number of others who felt that, you know, support them, they wish they had done the right thing,” the lawmaker continued.

“And many others who, you know, just chose a different path.”

Under that category, she named House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.

Hageman got more than double the votes that Cheney did in scarlet, pro-Trump Wyoming

Hageman got more than double the votes that Cheney did in scarlet, pro-Trump Wyoming

McCarthy, widely regarded as the most likely candidate for Speaker of the House if Republicans win a majority in November, has shown a “complete lack of understanding” of that leadership role, Cheney claimed.

“My opinion of Kevin McCarthy is very clear. The Speaker of the House is second in line for the presidency. It takes someone who understands and recognizes their duty, their oath, their duty,” Cheney said.

“He has been completely disloyal to the Constitution and has shown a total lack of understanding of the meaning and importance of the speaker’s role.”

McCarthy was one of the first high-profile Republicans to distance himself from Cheney to gain favor with Trump.

Other Republican entities soon followed suit, with the Wyoming GOP no longer recognizing Cheney as a member and her work on the Jan. 6 committee censored by the Republican National Committee.

Still, Cheney said on Sunday that her loss is “not necessarily a representative sample” that Trump is the future of the party.

“It says, I think, that his hold is clearly very strong in some parts of the Republican Party,” Cheney explained.

“I think it also tells you that large parts of our party, including our party leadership, both at the state level in Wyoming and at the national level at the RNC, are very sick.”

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