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Luxury Listing star shares his best investment tips and why he only buys in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

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Real Estate CEO Shares His Top Tips For Investing In Real Estate — And The One Area He ALWAYS Buys Because The Market ‘Never Falls’

  • Luxury Listing Sydney’s Gavin Rubinstein has given his top tips for investing in real estate
  • Gavin has built an impressive property portfolio in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs
  • He said the market in the sought-after area is reliably strong and prices remain high
  • Gavin said he would rather stay in NSW and never buy an interstate property
  • He revealed his best investment tips, including always buying near the beach

A top Australian broker has revealed his top real estate investment tips and the one area he always recommends buying as prices ‘never drop’.

Gavin Rubinstein, founder of The Rubinstein Group and star of reality TV show Luxe Listings Sydney, shared: The Daily Telegraph he has bought all of his investment properties in the eastern suburbs of the New South Wales capital and said he would never buy out of the state.

He also revealed his top three pieces of advice for wannabe investors, which include always buying houses near the beach, only buying units with the ability to own the entire strata building, and never intending to sell.

Australian top broker from hit TV show Luxe Listings Sydney Gavin Rubinstein (pictured) has revealed his top tips for budding real estate investors

Gavin has made a name for himself buying and selling houses in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs, where all of his own real estate is located.

The luxury broker said that despite its ups and downs, the trend in the area has consistently “continued to rise.”

He said the market in the eastern suburbs has remained strong despite recent price drops thanks to supply and demand.

“We saw somewhere between 30-50 percent increases in the eastern suburbs (during Covid) and what we’ve noticed is somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of a level from that peak,” he said.

All of Gavin's investment properties are in Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs and he said he never interstates.

All of Gavin’s investment properties are in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs and he said he never interstates.

Gavin Rubinstein’s Top Three Tips for Real Estate Investment

  1. Always buy close to the beach
  2. Buy units with the potential to own the entire strata complex over time and add value to increase yield.
  3. Treat investing as “a long-term game” and buy with the intention of never selling.


“If you do the math, we’re still ahead and there’s still a lot of depth in the market.”

Gavin prefers buying in New South Wales when building his real estate portfolio rather than venturing to the interstate.

He said buyers have strong demand for the limited number of homes with a ‘cosmopolitan lifestyle’ close to both the city and the harbor in Sydney, which is a ‘key driver’ in the local market.

Gavin shared his top three investment tips, suggesting buyers always look for properties that are close to the beach.

He recommended buying units with the potential to own the entire building over time to add value and increase your income.

His third rule is to view investing as a “long-term game” and buy with the aim of never selling.

The TV agent also suggested talking to accountants to learn the full list of tax benefits you qualify for.

He advised buyers to look at what comparable homes have been selling for before bidding based on the listed price guide.

“Don’t be afraid to make an offer on a property if it doesn’t match what’s being presented. I’m basing it on the evidence and facts of what is being traded today as opposed to what was traded six months ago,” he said.

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Source: canstar


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