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Marjorie Taylor Greene rips comedian Kathy Griffin for ‘civil war’ warning if GOP win midterm elections


‘This sounds very threatening Kathy’: Marjorie Taylor Greene rips comedian Kathy Griffin into turmoil for warning of ‘civil war’ if GOP wins Congress in November – despite the legislature itself having previously called for a ‘national divorce’

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed comedian Kathy Griffin on Twitter on Wednesday
  • She also stocked up in Griffin’s home state of California to warn residents to briefly limit power consumption to prevent advancing power outages.
  • Greene accused President Joe Biden of using a violent ‘dog whistle’ against her days earlier after his similarly dire warnings about Donald Trump’s allies

Outspoken Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia criticized Kathy Griffin on Wednesday after the comedian warned of a “civil war” if the GOP regains control of Congress in November.

The liberal celebrity has joined a recent spate of Democratic attacks on Donald Trump’s allies, suggesting that democracy itself depends on keeping the ex-president’s species away from elected office.

Griffin wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: “If you don’t want a civil war, vote Democrats in November. If you want civil war, vote Republican.”

“This sounds very threatening Kathy,” Greene retorted the next day.

“Americans just want their elected leaders to solve the problems pushed into their lives by stupid politicians. Not your civil war.’

But Greene has in the recent past expressed his support for dividing the United States and has used the term “national divorce” more than once.

That includes an October 2021 Twitter poll asking Americans whether they would support a “national separation” between red and blue states, and a December post on the platform responding to a Twitter user’s complaints about transplants of cancer. Democrats in predominantly Republican territories.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused comedian Kathy Griffin of making ‘threatening’ Twitter post

Griffin had warned a 'civil war' could break out if Republicans win both houses of Congress in midterm elections

Griffin had warned a ‘civil war’ could break out if Republicans win both houses of Congress in midterm elections

Griffin is no stranger to controversy, having first sparked a political firestorm on the right when she posed for a photo with an apparent fake replica of Trump’s severed and bloodied head.

In her tweet with the comedian, Greene also touched on her home state of California for asking residents to briefly limit power consumption to avoid going through power outages.

“Tell your governor to use more fossil fuels so people can have air conditioning,” she wrote.

Greene’s poll asking Americans if they wanted a ‘national divorce’ ended in a settlement almost 85,000 votes, with a majority of 47.7 percent for ‘No, stick together’.

But as proof of the current political divisions, nearly as many people – 43 percent – chose ‘Yes, at’ [Republican] & [Democrat] states.’

She told former Trump adviser and podcast host Steve Bannon that Americans found “irbridgeable differences” in each other that same month.

It's just the latest fight between a member of Donald Trump's inner circle and the left

It’s just the latest fight between a member of Donald Trump’s inner circle and the left

Greene said her poll “should be a wake-up call to Democrats in particular, that they can’t do this to our country.”

“The problem is we win elections and we have these country club Republicans, and we are basically the controlled opposition – even in power. I think if you want to keep this country together, start acting like you’re the boss,” she said at the time.

Her feud with Griffith is the second time in recent days that Greene has condemned rhetoric on the left as going too far.

Ahead of Trump’s Pennsylvania rally last weekend, Greene accused Biden of targeting her and “declaring war” on Republicans for his verbal attacks on “MAGA Republicans.”

She said Biden and his party “use their position of power and they have declared war on us all because Joe Biden basically said in his speech that we are the enemies of the state.”

“He calls us extremists,” Greene continued.

“And so that’s a dog whistle for violence against the MAGA Republicans and it’s a continuous dog whistle for violence against me.”


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