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Mark Meadows has been called to testify in Georgia’s investigation into Trump’s bid to reverse the election

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Now Mark Meadows has been called to testify in Georgia’s criminal investigation into Trump’s bid to reverse the election: Judge postpones Governor Kemp’s testimony until after midterms as case heats

  • Judge dismissed Governor Brian Kemp’s attempt to issue a subpoena on Monday
  • But the governor got his appearance postponed until after the midterms
  • It’s because the prosecutor has stepped up the pace of the criminal investigation
  • Fani Willis Demands Mark Meadows Testify Before Grand Jury
  • It shows how the criminal investigation has moved into Donald Trump’s inner circle

A judge leading Georgia’s grand jury inquiry into allegations of election meddling by Donald Trump and his supporters on Monday overturned an attempt by the state governor to overturn a subpoena requiring him to testify.

As a sign of the momentum of the investigation, the decision to dismiss Governor Brian Kemp’s motion came shortly after the grand jury ordered Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff, to testify.

However, Kemp won a partial victory when Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert C.I. McBurney postponed his appearance until after the midterm elections.

The governor has claimed the investigation is politically motivated and his lawyers argued that his position means he should be protected from having to testify.

“The governor is in the midst of a re-election campaign and this criminal grand jury investigation should not be used by the prosecutor, the governor’s opponent, or the governor himself to influence the outcome of that election,” McBurney wrote.

“It is prudent and prudent to allow the election to proceed without further lawsuits or other activities related to the governor’s involvement in the work of the special grand jury.”

But McBurney added that he expected Kemp’s lawyers to get him ready for an early appearance after the midterms.

A judge said Monday that Governor Brian Kemp is to appear before the grand jury investigating claims of election meddling in Georgia, but the hearing could wait until after the midterms.

It comes after grand jury demanded testimony from former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows as probe appears to be heating up

It comes after grand jury demanded testimony from former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows as probe appears to be heating up

A delay could increase the likelihood that Trump will be a declared presidential candidate by the time the investigation nears its conclusion, further heightening the political stakes.

The investigation is one of many that could have serious legal consequences for the former president.

As a result, the prosecutor investigating whether Trump or his allies violated state law by pushing to reverse the 2020 results has expedited the investigation.

On Thursday, Fani Willis demanded that Meadows appear in September, stating that he was a “necessary and material witness to the Special Purpose Grand Jury’s investigation.”

Meadows took part in a phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Trump urged him to find enough votes to reverse the outcome in Georgia.

‘[T]The Special Purpose Grand Jury’s investigation has revealed that the Witness was involved in setting up the appeal,” Willis wrote in the file, which was obtained by Politics.

Meadows also traveled to the state for an unannounced visit.

He’s not the only one in the prosecutor’s sights.

Last month, she filed similar petitions for seven other Trump aides, including Senator Lindsey Graham and attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani testified last week – and has been told he is a target of the investigation – as Graham fights the subpoena in court.

Also Monday, McBurney declined to quash a subpoena for attorney Kenneth Chesebro, who represented the Trump campaign. He is due to appear before a special grand jury on Tuesday, a court said.

Willis opened the investigation early last year, following a January 2021 phone conversation between Trump and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which the then-president suggested that the state’s top election official could “find” the votes needed to to undo his loss. But since then, the scope of the research has broadened considerably.

Raffensperger and several other state officials have already appeared before the special grand jury, which McBurney noted in his ruling.


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