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Medical Advisor Who Released Tua Tagovailoa On Sunday During Concussion Checkup Is ‘DONE’

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Medical advisor who cleared Tua Tagovailoa during a concussion checkup on Sunday has been ‘DONE’ after the quarterback suffered ANOTHER nauseating head-on collision just four days later that left him transported on a stretcher

The Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant (UNC) who was involved in Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion checkup last Sunday has been fired, it has been reported.

Tagovailoa ended the Dolphins’ victory over the Bills after a brutal blow in the first half when his head hit the turf and he fell to the ground after getting up.

The news of the termination of the UNC was first reported by ProFootballTalk .

Tua Tagovailoa stayed in the game against the Bills after hitting his head on the turf

The Dolphins classified their quarterback’s ailment as a back injury and said he didn’t have a concussion, but many were skeptical of that diagnosis at the time, including Harvard-trained neuroscientist Chris Nowinski.

“I’m bulls*** on the ”back tweak theory”,” Nowinski tweeted.

‘Watch the video. Tua shakes his head several times to “remove the cobwebs,” which is a specific sign of vision impairment after #concussion. He also wobbles when getting up before falling. His return is a failed @NFL.”

The severity of his injury last weekend vs. the Bills were reinforced against the Bengals on Thursday when he left the field on a stretcher after another brutal blow to the head.

That time, Tagovailoa was diagnosed with a concussion and hospitalized, confirming the idea that he should not have played in the Dolphins Week 4 game to begin with.

Tagovailoa was reportedly in 'good mood' back in Florida after Thursday's injury

Tagovailoa was reportedly in ‘good mood’ back in Florida after Thursday’s injury

While the Dolphins insist Tagovailoa’s injury was not a concussion, the two apparent head injuries have left fans worried, as suffering two concussions in one week is extremely dangerous and could even lead to death.

Dolphin coach Mike McDaniel swore the organization had done things right after Thursday’s quarterback injury.

“I get the optics, I get what it looks like, I get all this, I get people’s concerns,” he said.

“I can radiate with 100 percent conviction that every person in this building had 100 percent the right process, the dedication, and there is not one person in the building you could talk to who would think otherwise.”


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