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Model wife of Putin’s spokesman sparks anger when filmed smashing plates during Greek holiday

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A Kremlin top woman has sparked outrage after she was seen on video during Vladimir Putin’s bloody war with Ukraine frantically smashing plates while on vacation.

Former Olympic speed skater Tatiana Navka, 47, born in Soviet Ukraine, is married to Dmitry Peskov, 54, Putin’s spokesman and deputy head of his government in the Kremlin.

Amid massive criticism for her record-shattering antics, the lone Russian Maxim model removed the video from Instagram — banned as an extremist in a media crackdown overseen by her husband — after she moved from Turkey’s ancient city of Ephesus to a home in recent days. resort in Greece.

Former Olympic speed skater Tatiana Navka (above) 47, is married to Dmitry Peskov, (above) 54. Peskov is Putin’s spokesman and also deputy head of his government in the Kremlin.

She has been criticized by Russian and Ukrainian critics for her ostentatious displays when civilians, including children, are killed in Putin’s war.

While the Greek tradition of breaking plates can be an act of mourning, it is also seen as a devilish attitude during a feast.

But many commentators cannot believe they are behaving like this in a country that openly supports Ukraine and is labeled “unfriendly” by Putin.

One said: ‘The wife of a top official of a warring country should behave more modestly.

‘Isn’t her position? She’s almost the first lady of the country.’

Other furious comments asked how she got a visa to an EU country, with one asking, ‘How was she admitted to Greece?’

Another asked, ‘Is it your husband? [Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s longtime spokesman] to film?

Another asked, “Why aren’t you in Crimea?”

The holiday peninsula – annexed by Putin from Ukraine – has been heavily bombed by Kiev troops in recent days.

She was asked, “Have you lost your mind?”

And she was told, “This embarrasses Putin and Russia.”

Another angry comment read: “I believe it is absolutely inappropriate for the president’s press secretary and his wife to party during these difficult times.

Navka's husband is a spokesman for Putin, but because of the video she has been asked 'so where's your patriotism?'

Navka has more than 1.2 million followers, many were angry about the video.

Outrage over the video comes after Navka previously posted from Turkey – another NATO country, which supplies deadly drones to Ukraine.

‘They have completely lost their shame, and above all show exactly how they ‘keep’ their motherland and their people.’

User Karina Margary, one of her 1.2 million followers, furiously condemned her.

“Not only Ukrainian boys die in Ukraine, but Russian men also die and are imprisoned.

“Imagine how the mother of a deceased man would feel watching your video.

‘Her son is doing God knows what in a sovereign country’ [Ukraine]and here we see the [Russian] Establishment crushing plates, because they want to and they have fun.

‘Ask this mother, what does she think?

“Have fun, but delete this message. It’s inappropriate while the war is still going on and it’s not clear when this will all be over.’

Another angry follower demanded, “Remove this and don’t shame yourself.”

Some comments suggested she was drunk during the full evening performance.

Another said: ‘Your country is fighting with Ukraine, children, women and the elderly are dying, and you are mailing from Greece. Aren’t you ashamed? ‘

Previously, she had posted from Turkey – also a NATO country, which supplies deadly drones to Ukraine.

The video was heavily criticized, calling a poor portrayal of Putin's spokesman's wife

She was told,

The video (pictures above) has since been removed from her Instagram, but not before sparking outrage.

She was also in a see-through beach dress, but Russian users scolded her.

And the Kremlin woman posed in a vanity display in front of her followers and asked, ‘Athena? Artemis? Aphrodite? What do you think, which look suits me best?’

One commentator complained: ‘At the time of the special operation, you travel to the country that provides military support to its enemy. What is wrong with you?!’

Another asked, ‘Can you stop showing off your couture dresses in foreign resorts?

‘It’s not the right time for this!!!

“The country is fighting, men are dying for values ​​you have publicly expressed.

‘Shame on you! And even for a short while remember to have modesty.’

A critic emphasized Russia’s latest attack: ‘Kharkiv is on fire again, with 17 injured and seven dead in the latest attack on the dormitory.

‘Yet you stand here showing off, loving yourself.

‘No shame, you are all murderers.

‘How can you post these pictures….

Tatiana Navka holds up a sign as she celebrates on vacation

Navka took part in the Greek tradition of breaking plates

While staying in a resort in a NATO country, Navka was accused of drunkenness and people wondered if her husband, Peskov, was there, but not in the video.

“The death and suffering of dozens of people is in your hands, and you pretend you don’t know it!”

Another comment simply read, “Meanwhile, our poor, innocent children are dying.”

It is unclear whether Peskov – one of Russia’s most powerful men – is with her in Turkey, where he was once a diplomat.

If so, then he was not seen on camera.

He is sanctioned in Greece, which is part of the EU, as well as in the UK and the US.

Most Russians cannot fly abroad due to sanctions, visa restrictions and flight restrictions for Russian airlines.

Another hostile comment told Navka, “So where’s your patriotism?

‘Don’t you want to deliver humanitarian aid to Luhansk?

Or performing for the wounded soldiers?

‘Couldn’t you be more humble and humane? So disappointed in your family.’

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