Nicole Kidman back in Australia to take care of her mother

The “Being Ricardos” star told NPR’s Terry Gross during a conversation on the “Fresh Air” program that she had returned to her native country due to the current health situation of her mother, Janelle Kidman.

“We are here primarily to take care of my mother and to have her surrounded by her grandchildren,” the younger Kidman said.

Gross also asked how Kidman was doing regarding the Omicron peak.

“It’s wild in Australia,” Kidman replied.

Despite that, she said, the family was able to have a safe outing with her 81-year-old mother.

“We were able to take her to the gallery after hours and show her the Matisse exhibition, which came from a mother who raised me in art. It was soothing balm,” Kidman said. “Matisse was soothing balm last night.”


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