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NYPD Officer Gets More Than $1 Million To Settle Sexual Harassment Charge


The city has agreed to pay a nearly $1 million settlement to an NYPD officer who alleged other police officers had sexually harassed her at work, The Post has learned.

Officer Danielle Campo filed a federal lawsuit in 2019 alleging that a fellow agent at the 100th Precinct in Rockaway, Queens, attempted to sexually assault her, while another sexted her and called her both offensive names. She said the higher echelons and her union did nothing to stop the harassment when she complained.

Now the city has agreed to pay Campo $995,000 and one of the officers, Paul Marecki, will personally pay her $10,000, court papers show. The settlement has yet to be ordered by a judge.

The city has agreed to pay Officer Danielle Campo nearly $1 million to settle her sexual harassment charges against fellow officers.
100th District in Queens
One of the officers – in the 100th district in Queens, where she works – has also agreed to pay her $10,000 personally for her sexual harassment charges against him.
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Campo’s attorney Rick Ostrove told The Post that while, “No amount of money can correct the injustice done to my client. This is a step in the right direction.”

“This is a precious lesson for the city to learn,” the lawyer said Thursday. “Hopefully the city will step up efforts to stop sexual harassment, especially in the traditionally male-dominated field of law enforcement.”

In the lawsuit, Campo, 41, alleged that fellow agent Jon Mercado once groped her and demanded oral sex from her while they were in her car in January 2018.

Officer Danielle Campo who worked in the 100th district in Queens.
Officer Danielle Campo

She also claimed that Marecki had allegedly sexed her repeatedly, including saying, “You know I’m a foot freak.”

Both men repeatedly called her insulting names like “whore” and “thunder c-t,” Campo claimed in the suit.

High-ups and her union refused to intervene, the lawsuit alleged.

When she complained to her supervisor about Marecki, he told her, “Oh man, he’s creepy,” adding that the officer was “hiding in trees in her backyard,” the suit states.

Campo said she started losing her hair and developing a rash all over her body after she was allegedly attacked by Mercado. Her doctors told her it was due to the stress and gave her antidepressants, the suit said.

Campo remains unemployed because of her disability “because of the emotional injuries she has suffered,” Ostrove told The Post.

The defendants continue to deny Campo’s allegations, according to the settlement agreements.

The NYPD deferred comment to the legal department, which said the settlement was in the best interests of all parties.

Marecki’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

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