Online furor over a student’s hijab engulfs a liberal city

The student returned to school Monday, her attorney, Robert L. Tarver said. Her mother, Cassandra Wyatt, who also wears a hijab, appeared at a press conference hosted by Mr Tarver on Thursday, but did not comment. She told ABC-7 Eyewitness News that her daughter no longer wanted to wear a headscarf.

“The teacher put her hands on the child,” Mr. Tarver said, adding that another person in the class had told the story in the same way. “It wasn’t a hoodie. It was a hijab. I’ve seen the actual clothes.”

That same day, another parent complained that Mrs. Herman threw a student’s drink in the trash and told the child it was “not water,” a legal drink, according to an email sent by the family and sent to Mr. Tarver. shared.

The elementary school, with 493 students, has the highest percentage of students of color in the district, raising children from two neighboring commuter towns located about 25 miles from Midtown Manhattan. About 56 percent of Seth Boyden’s students are black, 23 percent are white, nearly 4 percent are Latino, 2 percent are Asian, and the rest identify as multiracial.

The school’s parents’ association is active and varied: there is both a vice president of diversity and justice and a vice president of happiness.

Seth Boyden was also at the center of efforts to further desegregate schools in the cities. The Black Parents Workshop, a local advocacy group, engaged Mr. Tarver to file a federal lawsuit accusing the district of discriminating against students of color and admitting a large achievement gap between black and white students. The lawsuit was settled last year and the district agreed to make changes.

Ms. Herman has taught primary schools for more than 30 years and has often volunteered to teach at a Hebrew school, relatives said. A former college student and parents of alumni described her as warm and caring, signing emails saying, “Together we can make the world a better place!”

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