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Our Place just got 25% off almost everything – including the Instagram famous Always Pan

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Our Place just got 25% off almost everything — including the Instagram-famous Always Pan (and there are nine different colors to choose from)

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Listen, gourmets! If you have dreamed of owning the Instagram famous Always Pannow is the perfect time to buy, if Our house cut 25 percent of the do-it-all kitchen pan in their annual summer sale.

The popular Always pan, which replaces eight utensils to make cooking and sharing a meal easier, has now been reduced to £93 from £125 – but only until September 6.

Fits perfectly next to the brand’s best-selling pan, the oven-friendly Perfect jar that does everything from cook to bake, crisp to steam, is also on sale with £35 off.

And if you really want to take your dinner parties to the next level, Our Place has plenty of discounted dinnerware, including this Host with the most bundle, which contains everything you need to set the table.

In fact, (almost) everything is on sale with up to 25 percent off in the Our Place summer sale. Scroll down to shop our top picks from the sale before it ends.

The Instagram-famous Always pan, designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, costs just £93 in the brand’s summer sale.

The do-it-all pan has sold out ten times and can braise, sear, steam, strain, bake, roast, boil, serve and store while looking good too. In addition, it is available in nine colours.


Perfectly paired with the brand’s best-selling pan, the Perfect Pot that does everything from boil to bake, crisp to steam, is now on sale with a £35 discount.

Pretty enough to leave on your stovetop, the Perfect Pot has a non-stick ceramic coating, a self-basting lid with a built-in strainer, a roasting (and steaming) rack next to a spoon. This pot makes home-cooked meals less complicated.


With the multi-functionality that made the original Always Pan a sold-out success, Our Place has created an 8-in-1 cast iron version.

Made from super easy-care enamelled cast iron, the Cast Iron Always Pan can be used in a variety of ways for cooking and comes with handy silicone hot handles to protect you from heat.


Now available in a smaller size, the Mini Always Pan, just like its brother, can fry, simmer and steam (and that’s the shortlist).

Perfectly sized for smaller kitchens and those lacking cupboard space, this pan takes your meals from the stove to the table.


This Mini Perfect Pot balances style and functionality and does anything and everything.

Now with a long handle for ease of use, it’s made with a removable lid, built-in spout and steam function and even comes with a mini wooden spoon to keep your pot from getting scratched during use.


Make cooking easier and more exciting with the Home Cook Duo. Replacing 16 pieces of traditional cookware can set up a storm by sautéing, crisping, boiling, and more. Did we mention that you also have fewer dirty dishes afterwards?


Be the envy of your guests and take your dinner parties to the next level with the Host With the Most bundle, which includes everything you need to set the table.

The dinner set contains four handmade and stackable glasses, four hand-painted porcelain head plates, four side plates and four miniature dishes.


This set stacks neatly on top of each other to maximize cabinet space, and includes an ultra-versatile oven pan for baking and roasting that doubles as a hob; the Bakers, a trio of stoneware oven dishes; and a non-toxic, reusable oven mat.


The essentials of your tableware collection, this set includes four hand-painted porcelain headboards and hand-blown natural-dyed drinking glasses in a color of your choice.



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