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Pelosi still uses COVID as an excuse for House members not to vote


It seems the pandemic is still raging in a small corner of the nation – namely the floor of the House of Representatives.

At least, that’s what Speaker Nancy Pelosi pretends: Last Friday she… again extended its proxy voting rules (now about 2½ years old) to Nov. 10, citing “a novel coronavirus.”

So any member of the House can gain the right not to show up for work simply by saying, “I am unable to be physically present at the proceedings in the House because of the ongoing public health emergency.” Talk about “quiet stop”!

It is, of course, utter nonsense; the pandemic is over; even President Joe Biden says so. And while a few older reps may have reason to be extra cautious, many younger reps (such as New York’s own reps Tom Suozzi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) have filed more than two dozen “physically incapacitated” statements.

The simple fact is that too many members of Pelosi (the no-shows are mostly Democrats) just don’t want to bother going to DC to do the country’s business. At this point, many would rather campaign to keep their jobs. (It’s telling that this extension runs until two days after Election Day.) Most of the nation is trying to get back to normal, but Pelosi is still taking advantage of COVID to give her people a perk. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy promises to end this outcry if the GOP wins a majority on Nov. 8 — reason in itself to vote Republican.

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