Pippa White Inquiry: Toddler rushed to Cowra Hospital with flu symptoms and died within hours. Two years later, her family is still fighting for answers

The grieving parents of a toddler who died two years ago say they owe it to their little girl to keep fighting for answers to the tragedy.

Pippa White was rushed to Cowra Hospital in central west NSW in 2022 after developing flu symptoms.

The two-year-old was not seen by doctors until several hours later, but they failed to discover that Pippa likely had sepsis.

The life-threatening condition occurs when the immune system in the human body reacts extremely to an infection.

Pippa’s temperature rose and no blood tests were done.

She died the next day.

Her parents Annah and Brock White traveled to Sydney this week to attend a coronial inquest into Pippa’s death.

“I presented to a hospital in NSW with my daughter [who had] “She had flu symptoms and within 24 hours she was dead,” Mrs. White said 7 News out of court.

Pippa White (pictured) died hours after being rushed to Cowra Hospital with flu symptoms

Pippa White (pictured) died hours after being rushed to Cowra Hospital with flu symptoms

It's been two years since Pippa White's tragic death

It’s been two years since Pippa White tragically passed away

“I feel like we owe it to our daughter to explain what happened.”

On day one of the inquest on Monday, I heard from Dr Suhail Omer Mir, who treated Pippa in hospital.

During the investigation it was determined that Dr. Mit determined that Pippa showed no signs of sepsis and arranged for her to be taken to Orange Base Hospital, which was 90km away.

“I was busy… Unfortunately I couldn’t look after Pippa while she waited for her transfer,” he said.

The inquest is expected to last four days.

More experts will be called next year to testify about the medical care Pippa received.

Mrs White said the family will not give up hope of finding out why Pippa died, even though that question has gone unanswered for more than two years.

“Time will tell, that’s why we’re here,” Ms White said.

Annah and Brock White (pictured with Pippa) hope this week's coronavirus research will finally provide answers

Annah and Brock White (pictured with Pippa) hope this week’s coronial investigation will finally provide answers

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