Pixel 6 series tipped to get a whopping 4 major OS updates

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are tipped to get four major OS updates and five years of security patches. Google normally provides three years of OS updates and security patches for its Pixel devices, while most other Android manufacturers give their phones two platform updates and security patches for three years. The trend seems to be changing this time around with the arrival of the Google Pixel 6 series. Google may be able to use its Tensor custom SoC to provide software updates for a longer period of time.

A tipster who uses the pseudonym Snoopy on Twitter has suggested that the Pixel 6 series will get four OS updates and five years of security patches. Extended software support was previously indicated in the marketing material leaked by tipster Evan Blass.

“Pixel comes with at least 5 years of updates, so it will become more secure over time,” read the text of the leaked material.

Google is currently promising at least three years of updates to Pixel phone users. However, it does not guarantee updates or continued support after the last major update has been rolled out.

By supposedly extending the software update cycle for its Pixel 6 series, Google would be pitted against Samsung, which just earlier this year promised to offer security updates on select Galaxy devices for at least four years. Xiaomi also announced in September that its flagship Xiaomi 11T series will receive four years of security updates.

Google uses its own Tensor SoC on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro instead of a third-party processor. This could be why it could now offer a longer software update cycle.

Custom silicon has been helping Apple for an average of three to four years with regular software updates on its iPhone models. The Cupertino-based company is even planning security patches for some of its aging models, including the iPhone 5s that launched in 2013.

Exact details about how many software updates we would see on the Pixel 6 series will likely be announced at the launch which is slated for October 19.


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