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Prince Harry files his second lawsuit against the British government and Scotland Yard


Are Harry and his family currently under security arrangements?

He and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, personally fund a private protection team in the US for their family.

The Sussexes have signed multimillion-pound deals with Netflix and Spotify, with Harry telling Oprah Winfrey he had secured these to pay for his security.

But he and Meghan lost their taxpayer-funded police protection in the UK in the wake of quitting as senior working royals.

Why have they lost their taxpayer funded security?

Their security arrangement was one of the main issues when the couple announced they wanted to step down in 2020.

Speaking to Winfrey during the couple’s sit-down interview in 2021, Harry said he was told that “due to our change of status, we would no longer be ‘official’ members of the royal family.”

He said he was shocked by this and “pushed back” the issue, arguing that there had been no change in the threat or risk to the couple.

During the same interview, Meghan shared how she had written to her husband’s family urging them to “don’t take off his security,” but was told “it just isn’t possible.”

At the time of announcing that they would be stepping back from royal life in 2020, their website suggested that the Home Office, through the Metropolitan Police, should keep the couple and Archie, their only child at the time. to protect.

Have they offered to pay for police protection in the UK themselves?

Yes. Harry wants to fund the security himself, rather than asking taxpayers to foot the bill, his legal representative said.

He first offered to pay in person for police protection in the UK for himself and his family at the so-called Sandringham summit in January 2020, but the legal representative said that offer was “rejected”.

The representative added that Harry remains “willing to cover the cost of security, so as not to impose on the British taxpayer.”

Can they use the same security team as in the US?

Harry’s legal representative said that although the couple personally finance a private security team for their family, “that security cannot match the necessary police protection needed in the UK”.

His argument is that the US team does not have adequate jurisdiction abroad or access to British intelligence information necessary to protect the Sussex family.

What threats do the couple see themselves facing in the UK?

In a statement, the legal representative said: “He remains sixth in line to the throne, has served in combat twice in Afghanistan and in recent years his family has been subjected to well-documented neo-Nazi and extremist threats. While his role within the institution has changed, his profile as a member of the royal family has not changed. Nor the threat to him and his family.’

Will the couple return to the UK if the issue isn’t resolved the way they’d like?

A spokesman for the Duke has said that, in the absence of what they consider to be the necessary protection, “Prince Harry and his family are unable to return to his home.”

They insisted that the UK “will always be Prince Harry’s home”, adding that it is “a country where he wants his wife and children to be safe”.

But they added: “With the lack of police protection comes too great a personal risk.”

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