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Richard Keys denounces Gabby Logan’s ‘serialization of smears’ after accusations against him


Richard Keys has furiously hit back presenter Gabby Logan in a mind-blowing 1,000-word post after she leveled a string of allegations against the former Sky Sports presenter – decrying her ‘serialization of smears’ after calling him a ‘cruel dinosaur’.

Keys – who now works with his broadcast partner Andy Gray for beIN Sports in the Middle East – vowed to take legal action against BBC presenter Logan after her allegations in her memoir, which were serialized by the Mail on Sunday.

One of the charges was that Keys and Gray joked about refusing to have sex with pregnant women while Logan was carrying twins.

Keys now has a huge swipe at Logan, saying she “always had an awful lot to say” – and revealed she was known as “The Gabbler” when he worked with her on the broadcast.

He called many of her claims “nonsense” and “very sad” while challenging the allegations, including that he was fired from Sky Sports in 2011 for misogyny towards linesman Sian Massey.

He wrote in his long blog post: ‘How sad that someone I haven’t seen for 30 years – and for whom I have gone out of my way to help start their career – feels the need to take the cheap and imprecise option of smearing me – along with virtually everyone in the industry (including, it seems, the entire Sky business) — in her upcoming autobiography.

In the book, Logan says Keys is trying to claim he

Former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has hit back at BBC presenter Gabby Logan after leveling a string of allegations against him in her memoir

Logan described Logan and his broadcasting partner Andy Gray (L) as

Logan described Logan and his broadcasting partner Andy Gray (L) as “dinosaurs waiting to become extinct” in her autobiography

Producers, directors, cameramen, sound engineers, statisticians – everyone seems to have either disparaged her or tried to block Gabby Logan’s career. Except they didn’t. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who has had a greater head start.

‘Let me say this. I have dealt with the incidents surrounding my resignation from Sky before. I repeat – resignation. I was not fired. I have taken responsibility for my part in what happened. It is more than time to move on.

‘They gave [Logan] the nickname ‘Gabbler’. She always had a lot to say – not much, very complimentary. If you don’t mind, I find reading Logan’s smear serialization very sad.”

In detailed excerpts from her memoir, Logan recounted a conversation between Keys and Gray on a flight to Istanbul ahead of the 2005 Champions League final.

Keys claimed Logan was known as 'The Gabbler' because she 'always had something to say - and not much of it was free'

Keys claimed Logan was known as ‘The Gabbler’ because she ‘always had something to say – and not much of it was free’

Logan wrote: ‘I was seven months pregnant with twins and I was huge. I looked like I had swallowed a space hopper.

“In earshot of me—and anyone who might listen in our business-class booth—Richard said, ‘So, Andy, what do you think of pregnant women?’

‘I’m afraid I don’t find them very attractive, Richard. In fact, I never slept with my wife when she was pregnant with our children.”

“So you haven’t had sex, Andy?” Keys asked.

“No, I didn’t say that, Richard.”

“Then they laughed their heads off at their little ‘comedy’ routine.

Logan didn't hold back when she discussed Keys' alleged behavior in her memoir

Logan didn’t hold back when she discussed Keys’ alleged behavior in her memoir

Keys claimed he helped Logan in her early career, adding: 'I can't think of anyone who has had more of an edge'

Keys claimed he helped Logan in her early career, adding: ‘I can’t think of anyone who has had more of an edge’

“Of course I was ashamed and found their comments particularly cruel, since they both had children and wives.”

Logan adds, “Keys and Gray were dinosaurs waiting to die out.”

Initially, Keys responded to her claims and said he would refer the matter to his attorneys.

Keys has taken legal action against Logan

Keys has taken legal action against Logan

In response, Keys, 65, tweeted Saturday night: ‘With reference to an article published by The Mail on Sunday, written by Ms. Gabby Logan. Ms. Logan has made some extremely inaccurate allegations in the process of defaming my reputation.

“I have referred the case to lawyers for defamation charges.”

Elsewhere in the book excerpt, Logan claimed, “I don’t really want to write much about Richard Keys; he was fired, along with Gray, when they were caught talking lewdly about line woman Sian Massey, and after he was caught asking experts in the studio if they’d “smash” it, referring to another woman.

In a painful monologue to save his British career, he tried to argue that he couldn’t be sexist because he got me a job and kick-started my career. He really didn’t get it.’

She also claimed that a well-known male presenter asked her ‘how many football players have you carved on your bedpost?’, a question that left her ‘dying inside’. In his statement, Keys denied that he was the person who said the comment.

Key left Sky Sports in January 2011 after the derogatory comments about Massey and after more clips appeared showing him and Gray making sexist comments off-air.

Key apologized for his “prehistoric banter” at the time, saying: “Such comments were made off-air to colleagues and, of course, were never intended to be broadcast.

“If off-air conversations of television and radio hosts were taped, nobody would be working. That’s not to defend what happened.’

In June 2013, Keys and Gray were hired by beIN to host Premier League and European football.

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