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Serena Williams lists her ‘greatest of all time’ including Hamilton, LeBron and Tiger among others

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Serena Williams lists her ‘greatest of all time’ including Sir Lewis Hamilton, LeBron James and Tiger Woods… as she prepares for her final appearance at the US Open

  • Williams, arguably the greatest women’s tennis player ever, ends her career
  • Prior to her last major tournament, she was asked who her ‘GOAT’ are
  • The list included basketball icons, a golf legend and of course tennis stars

Prior to starting her last tennis major, Serena Williams has been thinking about her life and sport as a whole.

When speaking with Time magazineWilliams was asked to list people she believes are the greatest of all time.

Her answer covered multiple sports, including auto racing, golf, basketball, and of course tennis.

She was asked to name one or two, but replied that limiting her list to that number was “so unfair because I can’t narrow that down.”

Serena Williams holds many athletes in high esteem as she nears the end of her tennis career

Seven-time F1 World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton

15-time big winner Tiger Woods

The first two names Williams mentioned were Sir Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Woods

“I mean… I think Lewis Hamilton, of course, I mean, to me, such a… not only is the best, but he does so much. And you know, he’s a great guy.’

“I love LeBron (James), I love Tiger (Woods). You can’t start this conversation without mentioning the original (GOAT), Michael Jordan.

“So I guess those are like… legendary names that will live on and, you know, you could put me in that too.”

When asked by the interviewer if she feels like she belongs in the conversation of the greatest athletes ever, she said, “Oh sure. No doubt.’

She added the names of three male tennis players who she believes also belong in the conversation.

“Rodger (Federer), Rafa (Nadal), Novak (Djokovic), I mean those three are legends.”

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan

Tennis star Rodger Federer

After Hamilton & Woods, Williams listed Jordan, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic as themselves


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