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Sex worker reveals what life REALLY is like from day to day


Alice spoke to Zoe Marshall, pictured, on her podcast The Deep about her job

A sex worker has revealed what’s really going on in her room at the brothel — from unknowingly helping a high school teacher fulfill a scary schoolgirl fantasy to being targeted by dangerous men for outside jobs.

Known only as Alice at work, the 22-year-old has been in the industry for four years, offering “full service” or sex for most of that time.

She traded a job she abhorred in hospitality to become a “camgirl” before working at the brothel she now considers her second home.

She spoke to Zoe Marshall on… The deep podcast and said that while she loves her job and career, she has learned that her natural optimism and trust in people can be dangerous.

She explained that she was once booked in for two hours by a ‘nice ‘6ft6 guy’.

She had been going through a rough patch financially, so when the man offered to pay her $1,000 to go out with him for a few hours over dinner that afternoon, she accepted.

The client’s mood changed as he picked her up and drove to his house.

“There were so many racist comments and jokes. Which is difficult when it’s a customer. You don’t know if calling them out will end in a political discussion or if they will turn violent,” she said.

But it wasn’t just the lame jokes that “bordered on white supremacy” that made Alice uncomfortable.

“His house had no lights and all the curtains were drawn, it seemed as if no one lived there,” she explained.

“There were stones on the floor, it was very strange.”

Alice began to feel unsafe – and when the man hinted that she should stay the night, she texted a friend for help.

He said, ‘you know what it looks like, having a friend call with an SOS… If we had met four years ago and you did that and told me to go, I wouldn’t have let you go home go,” she recalled.

Alice revealed the highs and lows of her work - including dangerous moments

Alice revealed the highs and lows of her work – including dangerous moments

At that moment she was terrified.

“He said, ‘I’m a nice guy now, but before you go, let’s have sex and do it my way.'”

She said that when she joked about it, he pushed her to the ground and bent her head to watch a baseball bat as he attacked her.

He let her leave when her boyfriend arrived, but took the money he had given her. The attack shocked Alice, who says she now screens people before seeing them outside the safe walls of the brothel.

“It’s one of the most traumatic situations I’ve been in. I’ve never felt so close to death as I did in that moment.’

Alice prides herself on being open to customer requests, but one man overstepped the mark when he ‘forgot’ to mention he was a school teacher.

She said he booked her, a very slim 18-year-old with a short blonde bob, and asked for a schoolgirl fantasy halfway through the booking.

“It makes me sick just thinking about it. He told me that after that he was a music teacher in a high school. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.’


Alice likes to know fantasies or kinks before starting a session

She doesn’t do finger penetration because of UTI risk

She doesn’t do anything with men unless they wear protection

When it comes to meeting customers, Alice said customers are led into a waiting room where the employees can watch them on a screen.

“Because god forbid it’s your father, that would be awkward,” she laughed.

Then they can go to the room and greet them, if they wish.

Alice explained that the method is for security as well as privacy, the man who hurt her returned three months later.

She was able to avoid him because she saw him on the screen in the waiting area.

“I don’t care if people are young or old or what ethnicity they are,” she said.

“If they’re going to treat me with respect, I want to serve them as best I can.

Because Alice is “nod friendly” and lets new customers know in her introduction, she gets a lot of customers trying different and unusual things.

“The brothel I’m in charges $350 an hour, and I get half of that. But I don’t have to share my share for the extras.’

Alice said she was exposed to her father as a sex worker by a stranger after moving back into his house.

“He always had the attitude that I could do whatever I wanted and that he would be proud of me,” she said.

But that changed when he got the anonymous text message. He told her she could leave his house or her job so she moved.

Her mother, with whom she has never had a good relationship, was also furious and continued to gaslight Alice over the text.

“I’m an adult and I can make my own decisions and don’t have to feel like I’m in trouble for something when I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Alice wants to continue in the industry because she loves her job, the financial stability and the flexibility.

Call me if you need helpThe National Sexual Violence, Family and Domestic Violence Counseling Line for any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual violence. 1800RESPECT.

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