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Shannon Sharpe SLAMS ‘sleazeball’ Brett Favre amid $1.1 million welfare fund scandal


Shannon Sharpe lashes out at Brett Favre ‘sleazeball amid $1.1 million welfare fund scandal…’

  • Brett Favre Reportedly Got Paid $1.1 Million For Motivational Speeches He Didn’t Give
  • The money would come from a Mississippi welfare fund in a wider scheme
  • Shannon Sharpe slammed Favre on Wednesday, saying ‘he’s been shady for a very, very long time’
  • And the former tight end thinks there are double standards with how Favre was treated

Shannon Sharpe, the NFL Hall of Famer, criticized Packers legend Brett Favre on Wednesday, calling the Packers legend a “sleazeball” for his involvement in a Mississippi state welfare scandal.

Favre was reportedly questioned by the FBI earlier this month for allegedly receiving $1.1 million from a Mississippi welfare fund for motivational speeches he never gave.

And texts released Monday again linked Favre to the misuse of the state’s social funds for a volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi.

The messages, published by Mississippi todayshowing how Favre reportedly tried to pump $5 million into the new complex built at his alma mater, where his daughter played volleyball in 2018, in partnership with former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and nonprofit founder Nancy New.

On Wednesday, Sharpe did not hold back in his criticism of Favre, suggesting double standards of how the former Packer has been treated.

Brett Favre was reportedly involved in a state welfare scandal in Mississippi

Shannon Sharpe called Brett Favre an alleged 'sleazeball' for his involvement in the plan

Shannon Sharpe called Brett Favre an alleged ‘sleazeball’ for his involvement in the plan

“I spoke to people who were in the room when Brett Favre went into the Hall of Fame and no one talked about text messages he sent to [Jen Sterger]’, Sharpe said on FS1’s Undisputed.

“No one has said anything about the addiction he was suffering from. Yet [Terrell Owens] they brought up everything.

“When black and brown cheat the government, they bowed. You get an EBT card… they will move heaven and earth to try to put you in jail for 400 little measly dollars. Now this guy [Favre] done cost a million dollars.’

Sharpe referred to Favre allegedly sending explicit photos to former Jets host and internal side reporter Jen Sterger in 2010, when he was with the team.

The ex-quarterback has also spoken openly about his past addiction to painkillers.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016, while Owens, who is reportedly a drug problems also, was not inducted into the Hall until his third year on the ballot.

“Can you imagine TO have had incidents like Brett Favre off the field?” Sharpe asked about the former 49ers, Cowboys and Eagles star.

TO to this day would not be in the Hall of Fame. Still, they walked by as if Brett Favre wasn’t doing anything.’

Sharpe used Owens as an example for the double standards that benefited Favre

Sharpe used Owens as an example for the double standards that benefited Favre

The text messages released this week show that Favre corresponds with New, who ran a nonprofit organization “in charge of spending tens of millions of flexible federal welfare dollars out of view of the public.”

“If you paid me, would the media still be able to find out where it came from and how much?” Favre is seen to have written it in August 2017.

A day later, New said she had spoken to Bryant, who was “on board” with their plans, and Bryant acknowledged New in 2019 that he had spoken to Favre about the plan.

“The problem I have with this situation, you have to be an idiot to steal from the lowest,” Sharpe said of the plan.

“Mississippi is the poorest state in our country… Brett Favre takes from the underprivileged.

“He’s been a sleazeball, he’s been shady for a very, very long time.”

Favre is said to have gotten the money in 2017 and 2018, as part of a larger $70 million scandal — along with a professional wrestler and a horse ranch.

Favre is not charged with any crime and said last year he paid the $1.1 million, but a Mississippi state auditor is reportedly demanding $228,000 in interest.


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