Shark Anti Hair Wrap Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday 2021 Amazon Deal

Save £200 on the Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Vacuum! This upright vacuum cleaner with 13,000 five-star reviews is the cheapest price EVER on Amazon

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Today is the start of the Amazon Black Friday 2021 sale and it’s the perfect time to upgrade your current vacuum cleaner, as the retailer has slashed the price of some of its best-selling models.

If you’re looking for a cheap deal on a Shark vacuum cleaner, you’re in luck, because the incredibly popular and highly rated Shark Upright vacuum cleaner [NZ801UKTSB] Anti-Hair Wrap is now on sale at the lowest price ever.

On sale for a massive £200 off this Black Friday, the upright vacuum cleaner is now just £179.99. You’ll have to be quick though, as this deal is only valid for today. And we anticipate a sale.

Usually priced at £379.99, the bestselling Amazon Exclusive Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKTSB] is available for just £179.99

Usually priced at £379.99, the bestselling Amazon Exclusive Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKTSB] is available for just £179.99

If you’re looking for a proven upright vacuum cleaner, the Shark Upright vacuum cleaner is the one according to more than 13,000 Amazon customers. [NZ801UKTSB] Anti-Hair Wrap is well worth the investment.

With a near-perfect star rating of 4.7 out of 5, the Shark vacuum has garnered dozens of glowing reviews from shoppers attesting to its “amazing suction” power that removes dirt, dust, and pet hair from hardwood floors, tile, and carpet.

Equipped with many of Shark’s proven features, such as anti-hair packing and duoclean technology (it cleans both wood and carpet floors), it’s packed with innovative cleaning technologies to help you get your chores done.

Thanks to the ‘Lift-Away Technology’, this stylish and lightweight vacuum cleaner turns into a handheld vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning of difficult places such as stairs, ceilings and under the bed and sofa without losing suction power.

However, one of the most attractive features of the Shark corded vacuum cleaner is its anti-hair wrapping technology.

The unique brush guard actively separates and removes hair as you clean, keeping the brush roll free of tangles. Long, short and pet hair is no problem for this vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner changes from upright to portable with Powered Lift-Away

Glide from carpet to hard floors with two brush rolls working together in one floor head

Amazon’s exclusive limited-edition Shark vacuum, which comes with a car detailing kit and pet tool, has nearly 13.00 five-star reviews

One impressed shopper left a glowing review for the Shark Anti-hair wrap vacuum, writing: ‘Picks up fine dust, along with large amounts of dog hair, no problem. Stair carpet has never looked so clean! Much much better than my previous Dyson vacuum, which I thought was good until this Shark. Happy customer here.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘The suction is excellent! It picks up everything my previous vacuum was missing and the carpets look cleaner than ever before.

“I like that it comes off, which makes vacuuming the stairs very easy and the cord is long enough to do 3 flights of stairs, no problem.”

A third wrote: ‘The vacuum cleaner is extremely powerful with great suction. It has lights in the front that make it easier to see into dark areas of the house. My carpets have never been so clean. It amazes me how much dust collects every time I vacuum…(this is at least 3 times a week, we have a golden retriever). It’s great for animal hair.”



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